5 Must-Try Secrets to Build Your Immune System

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been experiencing some crazy cold and flu symptoms this winter season! My kids, clients, and a long list of other people—everyone seems to be feeling so run down. And forget about the flu shot! So many people that I’ve talked to say this year’s flu shot isn’t covering the flu that’s going around.

How do you protect yourself? With my must-try secrets to build your immune system of course!

As most of you know, I’m all about exploring, experimenting, and experiencing different supplements and products that are out on the market. I’d say I’m the queen of the supplement drawer in my house! As you can imagine, I’ve been hell bent on researching the best (well, what I think are the best) alternative products out there to combat all of the germs in our atmosphere this winter!

Keep in mind, these products aren’t going to cure you, but they will support your immune system during the cold, flu, and belly bug season. And whose immune system couldn’t use a bit of help, right?

Support is the pivotal word here. As a practitioner, my belief is not to support yourself in only one part of your life. Whether it’s nutrition, supplements, exercise, mental health, or spiritual health, you need to support the varied parts of your life. Why? Because you are a WHOLE. You have many parts that you might view as separate, but my practice for myself and my clients is to marry those parts of you to gain balance, perspective, and a sense of wholeness.

With that said, the products I recommend in this article offer support for your health in so many ways because when you feel healthy, you have the opportunity to look deeper into those other areas of your life. You have a chance to find your balance and wellbeing for yourself as a whole, not just a bunch of disparate parts. Amen!

Now, it’s time to share some of my must-try secrets to build your immune system and protect yourself, not just from those pesky winter germs but also to support your whole self.

1. Vitamin D3

The problem for most of us is that we’re simply not getting enough vitamin D to allow our bodies to work optimally at performing all of the functions that vitamin D supports. Did you know that an estimated one billion people (that’s about one-seventh of the global population) have inadequate vitamin D supplies in their bodies? It’s very probable that you’re one of those people!

Vitamin D deficiency can actually be quite serious. Low vitamin D levels are linked to increased risks of cardiovascular disease, neurological disease, cancer, diabetes, and autoimmune disorders. If you’re feeling tired, sluggish, overworked, moody, or below the midline, or if you’re craving CRAP, don’t wait to get your vitamin D levels checked. It’s a simple blood test.

To support your vitamin D levels, I can’t say enough about Vitamin D3. I believe that every practitioner out there should be measuring their patient’s D3 levels yearly. Depending on where you live, if you’re not getting enough outdoor time or sun, there could be a significant drop in your vitamin D3!

2. Tea Tree Oil

Did you know that using any of the mass-marketed hand sanitizers actually strips away good bacteria from your skin over time? That’s why your hands get so dry!

I know that I’ve been guilty of being the hand sanitizer crazy woman for myself and family in the past, but this year, I began to make my own hand sanitizer after learning that most of the ingredients in those hand sanitizers you buy may contribute to resistant strains of bacteria.

My go-to homemade hand sanitizer recipe is very easy to make, cost effective, and so good for your skin! Just mix 1/4 cup of Aloe Vera gel with 1 tablespoon of filtered water, 20 drops of tea tree essential oil, and 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Not only does this keep your hands moisturized, but it also kills bacteria at the same time without the effects of stripping good bacteria.

Any drug store or health food store sells small, reusable bottles that you can use to hold your homemade hand sanitizer. If you don’t think you have enough time to make your own, I’d suggest purchasing an essential oil hand sanitizer from a certified aromatherapist, so you know you’re getting quality ingredients in a safe product.

Of course, always work directly with a certified aromatherapist whose certification is recognized by the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapists and the Alliance of International Aromatherapists, and check with your doctor or health care provider before using essential oils, especially on children or if you have a medical condition.

3. Immuno-Shield All Season Wellness

Ahah! These are honestly my favorite go-to green pills! My functional medicine doctor turned me on to these supplements last winter season after I had the wicked 2016 flu. This supplement is from Irwin Naturals and helps to support your body’s natural defense mechanisms. It includes vitamins, minerals, herbs, and antioxidants all in one!

I take this supplement throughout the winter season. In fact, during the winter months, I substitute this for my daily multivitamin, and if I feel something coming on, I take double the dose indicated on the bottle.

4. Extra Vitamin C

I believe that your body can heal itself. I also believe that we need extra support, including extra vitamin C during the winter months. Common winter ailments are usually caused by vitamin and mineral deficiencies, but during the winter months, fruits and vegetables that are full of vitamin C aren’t always readily available. Why not take a vitamin C supplement?

A 2013 study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that vitamin C reduces cold and flu symptoms by 85%. Of course, participants in the study were given megadoses of vitamin C, so your results might not be comparable. However, the point is that vitamin C truly does work! Just be sure to check with your doctor or health care provider before using vitamin C, especially for children or if you have a medical condition.

5. Epsom Salt Baths

I’ve introduced all of my private clients to the benefits of Epsom Salt baths! Most people only think of taking Epsom Salt baths when they need to relieve sore muscles, but there are so many more benefits.

Remember how I spoke about support earlier in this article? Well, Epsom Salt baths support your entire immune system. Epsom salt baths have a way of releasing your mind and body from daily stress. Where do you think the slogan, “Calgon, take me away,” came from?

When you add one cup of Epsom Salt and 10-20 drops of your favorite essential oil to your bath, it becomes a detox bath! I love peppermint essential oil as it is very invigorating, and I like lavender to relax my tired body. When I’m experiencing cold and flu symptoms, I use eucalyptus oil.

Epsom Salt is magnesium, which many people tend to be deficient in. In fact, studies show that taking Epsom Salt baths can increase your magnesium without even taking any supplements. How cool is that? Be sure to support your whole system with a daily bath or a bath a few times a week!

Ready to Boost Your Immune System?

Remember, these are ideas to support your immune system, and where would you be without your immune system? Prioritize your self-care and start taking care of your immune system. Trust me, you’ll feel so much better!


If you want to learn more about enhancing your immune system, let’s work together!

Looking for more aromatherapy products to boost your immune system? Check out my go-to certified aromatherapist, Susan Gunelius’, products available through her company online store, Aromassist. She offers a wonderful Immune-Stimulating Aromastick that you can keep in your purse or pocket to use on the go as well as an Immune-Stimulating Blend that you can use in

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Every one of us can benefit by SHIFTing to a lifestyle that supports our wellbeing, not just physically but also emotionally. That’s exactly what you’ll get with my New SHIFT Program. It’s not just about losing weight. It’s about transforming your lifestyle so you can be happier and healthier on a daily basis.

I know you’re thinking, “The holidays are coming. I don’t have time for a new program,” or “There is no way I can start a diet now.” But I’m going to let you in on a couple of secrets.

First, this isn’t a diet. Second, it’s actually the perfect time of year to prioritize yourself and give yourself the self-care you deserve. Making the SHIFT to a physically and emotionally healthier lifestyle is the best gift you can give to yourself this holiday season!

I’d like to share a few stories from my SHIFT clients so you can see how this program has helped them and how much you’ll love it, too.

It Really is Simple

Deb shares, “I’ve been hearing about the ‘SHIFT’ for years. I remember going to a session at the Bar Method about three years ago where Jen spoke and explained her upcoming SHIFT program. I have to admit – I didn’t think it was for me. I thought it would be too difficult, too time consuming, etc.

“The thoughts that ran through my head were, ‘I can’t do this. I have a newborn baby at home. I’m trying to balance three kids, breastfeeding, work, etc.” And the rituals? What was up with everyone talking about taking a bath and lighting a candle?

“Fast forward three years, and I’ve just completed my SHIFT. I’m so happy I did it! For me, it’s been about so much more than the nutrition. It’s about taking care of myself so I can in turn take care of my family and feel happy and good about it.

“Prior to my SHIFT, my diet was already fairly ‘clean.’ However, Jen’s suggestions and materials encouraged me to try different things. Who knew that I would look forward to a nice bowl of steel cut oats with yummy toppings and chia seeds? Her first video discussed curiosity and being curious in regards to nutrition. I think about that often as I’m trying new things and as I’m trying to encourage my family to try new foods.

“Prior to my SHIFT, I suffered from feeling bloated and having extra weight in my tummy area. I’m a petite person and always found my mid-section a challenging area post-childbirth. After being very strict throughout my SHIFT, I started to see the bloating go down, and I was starting to see my muscles forming in my stomach area. I realized that certain foods were causing the bloating, and now, I have decided to cut them out of my diet completely or have really tried to cut back. And I will say that one of my favorite times of day is drinking my hot water with lemon – a ritual I will hold onto!

“Jen has been very inspirational and motivating, not just about nutrition but also about everyday life.”

It Works

Deborah says, “I entered the SHIFT program nonchalantly, hoping perhaps to get some hints about healthier eating. I thought I was pretty healthy to start. I didn’t eat a lot of fat, had pretty much cut out sweets and sugar-based foods a few years ago, and I rarely drink. However, in cutting out sugar, my intake of carbs and dairy had increased. Given I have hypothyroid, am 46, and have two kids, I thought my 20-something body was a thing of the past. I was in for a big surprise.

“The night before I started the SHIFT, I went to the diner and ate a turkey burger, all of the fries, and then a brownie. The next morning, my stomach looked like I was five months pregnant. The last thing I wanted to do was start drinking a lot of water and dense shakes, but I did it. My stomach was flatter by day two and super flat by day four. I felt amazing and saw a difference in my skin! I do not like to weigh myself, rather I go off of how I’m feeling. Immediately, I felt my clothes getting looser.

“Aside from the obvious physical improvements, incredibly, I started to see a lift in my business. I’m a life coach, and prospective clients started to call me out of the blue. I completed more projects than I had in months!”

It’s Easy

Kate explains, “I am a 42-year old mom of two active boys and have a wonderful supportive husband. I work from home full-time and am also a full-time mom. I did my first SHIFT21 in the spring of 2015 and felt great. I went into the first SHIFT bloated, sluggish, and overall unhappy with the way I felt. After the SHIFT, I felt rejuvenated, lighter, and comfortable in my own skin again.

“I kept up with the plan for a good six months. In the summer of 2015, I had to have a routine mammogram, which then led to a biopsy and a diagnosis of LCIS, which makes me fall into a higher risk category for developing breast cancer. After meeting with all the different surgeons, oncologists, and talking to other people in a similar situation, I felt that given my age and being in good health overall, I would begin a 5-year course of Tamoxifen.

“At first, I had a hard time adjusting to the medication. I noticed weight gain and an overall feeling of just going through the motions with all aspects of my life. I was still taking my bar classes, but I was in a rut with them, too.

“In the spring of 2016, I began walking, and that helped my mental wellbeing. I started to shed a few pounds. I started to try a little harder at each bar class, and I was feeling good. My diet was terrible. I was just eating what my kids were eating. Then came summer. I stopped walking as much and I was going to my bar classes just to go through the motions.

“When I heard that there was a bar challenge and a new SHIFT Program, I knew that I wanted to give it a try since the last SHIFT was so great for me. I felt that if I had a Facebook Group and the support of others, it would be easier to stay on track – all of which has proven to be true for me.

“I completed the bar challenge of 20 classes, but what was the most important aspect for me is that I completed the SHIFT and gave it my all. I started the program sluggish, bloated, and uncomfortable. I had been blaming the Tamoxifen for my weight gain when all I needed was to fuel my body with good clean food. I never felt hungry, and I lost to date 12 pounds.

“I am proud of the way I look and feel. I guess I must have looked really bad because every time I walk into the studio or see someone I haven’t seen in a while, they ask, “What are you doing? You look amazing!” I have learned that I feel amazing on the inside, and I have so much more patience. I can take a deep breath and relax much easier, too.

“I am committed to staying on track and know what my body can and cannot tolerate! I love dairy and cheese, but I have learned they don’t work for me. I am more aware now than I have ever been and plan to stay that way. Water and portions are my biggest struggles, but I know if I watch both of those, the rest is easy! Thank you for making the SHIFT a lifestyle change for me.”

Start Your SHIFT Now

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Transform Yourself with the New SHIFT Program

I’m so excited to share the launch of my NEW SHIFT PROGRAM! This all new 4-week program starts on November 25th to December 23rd. When you join this program, you’ll get easy, relatable weekly guided meal planning, inspiring weekly nutritional videos from me, delicious weekly recipes, and a supportive community in a private SHIFT Facebook Group. Each week, you’ll get a 15-page guidebook that’s yours to keep, and since this program is self-paced, the guidebooks are yours to keep. That means you can start on Monday or a week later. It’s up to you!

Don’t Wait to SHIFT

We’re well into Fall, and we always want to get back on track when September arrives. Doesn’t it always feel like a new year after Labor Day? I guess we’ll never lose the feeling that starting a new school year brought when we were younger! But as with the start of every type of New Year, we make all these promises to ourselves that we end up not keeping.

Do these broken promises sound familiar to you?

  • I promise to start eating better.
  • I promise to drink less alcohol.
  • I promise to get more sleep.
  • I promise to be more focused.
  • I promise to have more energy.
  • I promise to drink more water.
  • I promise to get out of all the CRAP (carbohydrates, refined sugars, additives, and preservatives) that keeps me weighed down. (No pun intended!)

My question to you is simple. Why wait for the weight to come off?

Here is what my a member of my first private group of clients said after they completed the NEW SHIFT Program:

“I have learned so much from Jen and the Simple Clean and Whole programs. I have participated in a number of Jen’s programs and I learn something each time. It started with a significant change in my eating habits which made a big difference in how I look and how I feel, and I’m thrilled to have brought some of that knowledge to my family. In fact, I feel better than ever —at 55.


“Beyond the nutritional component (which is huge!), I’ve also learned so much about myself. The emotional component has taught me so much! Thank you, Jen, for guiding me to a more Simple Clean and Whole life.”

— Martha

Now is the Perfect Time to SHIFT

Now, we’ve hit November, a time when we’re grounding down with the start of Thanksgiving and moving into the December holidays. Then we’re into 2017. Happy New Year! Here we go again with our resolutions. Could they be the same resolutions you made last year only to let go of them after Lent or the summer? Then the good old Fall and September resolutions come again. It’s a never-ending cycle!

The NEW SHIFT Program is your opportunity to make this real and start cleaning up your crappy gut inflammation from the SAD (Standardized American Diet) that we eat! Go ahead and have your delicious Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, November 24th, and come Friday, November 25th, you can start the NEW SHIFT 4-Week Program. The timing couldn’t be more perfect!

What’s Included in the NEW SHIFT 4-Week Program

Your NEW SHIFT Program includes all of the tools you need to be successful. This program was designed to be simple and easy, so there’s no need to feel overwhelmed or nervous. Everything you need is included, and you’ll have my support and the support of the NEW SHIFT community every step of the way!

When you join the NEW SHIFT Program, you’ll get:

  • Easy to follow and relatable weekly guided meal planning
  • Inspiring weekly nutritional videos from me to keep you going
  • Delicious weekly recipes that you’ll love
  • Access to the community in the private SHIFT Facebook Group for support, motivation, and help when you need it

Here’s what another client has to say about the materials and support offered in the SHIFT Program:

“I was reluctant to SHIFT a few years ago. One of the main reasons was that I just didn’t think that I would be successful at it. However, after giving it a shot, I realized that Jen makes it easy. Her weekly videos were so motivating and inspirational. The materials are amazing. The layout of the materials make the SHIFT weeks extremely manageable and very easy to follow. I loved getting the weekly manual, and I looked forward to going shopping and trying out new things that were on the weekly shopping list. Currently, I have the materials printed out and in a binder in my kitchen and refer to them daily.

“I highly recommend this program. I think it really suits all. I realized that there is so much more to living a healthy lifestyle outside of nutrition. Thank you, Jen, for your inspiration and honestly throughout this experience!”

— Deb

Get Answers to Your Questions in the NEW SHIFT Program

The NEW SHIFT Program was designed for people just like you who want to bridge the gap between emotional and physical wellbeing so they can make the necessary shifts to be the people they truly want to be. My goal in developing this transformational program for you is to help you on your journey to nutritional and lifestyle wellness.

As you make your way through the program, you’ll get answers to important questions like:

  • How does my gut get inflamed and what the heck is leaky gut?
  • What is the truth about gluten-free?
  • Why do I hold onto weight when I think I’m eating clean?
  • What does water have to do with weight loss?
  • What does sleep have to do with sustaining weight loss?
  • How much exercise do I need to sustain weight loss?
  • And so much more!

“Through the SHIFT Program, I saw an extreme correlation between what I put into my body and my resulting energy and actions. I learned how to cook in a healthier way, and I learned immediately which foods “feed” me and which deplete me.


“While I did not start the SHIFT Program to lose weight, I probably have lost a little over 10 pounds. I can see muscle tone that was hiding. But most importantly, I now have a guide for healthier eating. I go out to eat but know how to choose healthier things. I cook with healthy fats and feel satisfied. I choose not to eat certain foods because I know how it will make me feel. I don’t like to feel that way because I’m too busy living life and enjoying it.


“Jen is extremely knowledgeable and has a wonderful approach to the SHIFT. It’s not about beating yourself up or losing weight. It’s about learning what your body likes and doesn’t like and feeding it in a loving way. She is kind and supportive and asks questions that make you discover new things about how you approach your health, as well as your emotions and actions—as we do one thing, we do everything. I learned to take some cooking risks, and I enjoy cooking a little bit more—two things I used to NEVER do. In the past, this would never happen because I dreaded cooking. Now, I’m excited to see what new healthy concoctions I can learn. Importantly, my kids are seeing a role model and have started to try the healthy foods I’m making, and together, we are creating new ones.


“As with life, the SHIFT is a journey, not a destination. Get ready for the ride and for discovering new things about yourself and your body.”

— Deborah

Sign up for the NEW SHIFT 4-Week Program Now

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How to Move Past Your Fear of Being Vulnerable

Do you have a fear of being less than? Do you operate with an all or nothing mentality? The common denominator for most people in these situations is a fear of being vulnerable.

In other words, you’re afraid to make mistakes or show anyone (including yourself) that you’re less than perfect. You’re stuck on one side of the bridge between feeling limited or limitless.

Hanging out on the Limited to Limitless Bridge

The way you do one thing in life is usually how you do most things in your life. If you’re an all or nothing person, you’re either limited or limitless. Fear of being less than prevents us from crossing the bridge from limited to limitless.

For those of us with all or nothing mentalities who live on the limited mindset side of the bridge, once we cross to the limitless side, fear often pulls us back to the limited side once again.

What if we took some time to hang out on that bridge rather than jumping all the way from the extremes of living the limited mindset vs. limitless mindset?

What would it feel like to be uncomfortable on that bridge, somewhere in the middle, where there is no definite?

What would it feel like to be vulnerable?

We all need to become comfortable with vulnerability before we can take a step to move forward.

Pulling up the Shade and Taking off the Vulnerability Mask

When we have a fear of being vulnerable, we often hide behind masks so others can’t see our imperfections.

You can’t make positive transformations until you recognize and remove your mask. However, taking off your mask is something that has to be done slowly. You have to take it off little by little or you’ll end up pulling it right back on again as soon as you feel too uncomfortable.

The key is to hang out in the middle of your limited to limitless bridge where you’ll feel uncomfortable but not so out of place that you need to go back to your mask and your old habits. I coach my clients to use certain exercises so they can embrace vulnerability at the middle of the bridge rather than fearing it.

Imagine you have a remote control for a shade on yourself. Every day, press the up button and lift that shade a little bit. Track the incidents when you feel vulnerable. When you feel weighted down by emotions, it’s ok, take a breath….slowly lift up the shade, eventually you will find your place or shall I say balance. Most important is to recognize that this is a practice, just like eating well.  You will begin to feel more truthful. It’s a tough job to wear a mask everyday.  Imagine what it would be like to walk your talk….your real talk?  The negative physical effects that you were experiencing from your fear of being vulnerable will begin to improve.

Making a SHIFT

We all struggle with a fear of being vulnerable, but if that fear is doing harm to you emotionally or physically, then you need to make a shift so you can find you. Don’t let distractions get in the way and don’t allow your all or nothing way of thinking to become a label that defines you to yourself or to others.

You can make the SHIFT that you need to so you can get unstuck on the limited to limitless bridge and begin to move forward and embrace the balanced and happy life that you deserve!

Are you ready to make a SHIFT? SHIFT 21 is a 3-week transformational food and lifestyle program that will help you bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Follow the link to learn more!

The Ugly Truth about Fat Free and Low Fat Foods (and a Delicious Treat Recipe)

Fat free, low fat, low calorie, and diet all sound like great terms, right? Choose the fat free option, and you’re making a better decision for your health. Wrong.

Most people don’t know that when a company puts a fat free or low fat label on a food package, they might be taking some of the fat out but they’re replacing it with something that could be even worse! Most likely, they’re adding preservatives like sugar instead.

What’s the benefit of fat free if the fat is replaced with something else that is as bad or worse like sugar?

You guessed it! There is no benefit. In fact, you might be doing more harm to your body than good.

The Myth of Fat Free and Low Fat

When you take the fat out of a food, you lose the flavor, and when you lose the flavor, companies lose money. Who’s going to buy cookies (or any food for that matter) with no flavor? The answer is no one, and if no one buys, the company makes no money and goes out of business. They have to make sure people keep buying, so they put in additives, flavoring, and loads of sugar.

And guess what happens next?

Loads of sugar causes consumers to want more. That’s because our bodies crave more sugar once we get started. It’s a vicious cycle that keeps companies in business. Once the consumer wants more sugar, they buy more unhealthy foods. The manufacturer sells more products, and all of the owners and stockholders are happy. In the meantime, consumers are suffering from weight gain, inflammation, and disease.

Stay away from Fat Free and Low Fat

My message to you is very simple. Stay away from fat free and low fat. Don’t be tempted by those package labels. Fat free and low fat do not equal healthy. They’re not a better choice!

Remember, fat free and low fat foods are filled with sugar, which drives us toward our cravings and tricks us into eating more and more. Ironically, fat free and low fat foods that are chock full sugar actually make us fatter because sugar converts directly into fat in our bodies!


Sugar Makes You Sick!

Think of sugar as a direct avenue into your fat cells causing those awful symptoms of bloat, weight gain, and those crazy mood swings! Don’t believe me? Here are some sugar facts:

  • Fat free mayonnaise is 23% sugar while whole egg mayonnaise is just 2.2% sugar.
  • Low fat yogurt is 15% sugar while full fat yogurt is just 4.7% sugar.
  • Barbecue sauce is a whopping 54% sugar. Mustard is less than 1% sugar.

Any product with more than 4.7% sugar includes added sugar. If you purchase foods that include less than 4.7% sugar, it’s natural, and that’s the better choice.

Read the Labels

Now that you know the ugly truth about fat free and low fat, you need to start reading labels before you purchase packaged foods. Label reading is key when it comes to making a decision of whether I’ll ingest foods or not!

Start by knowing some of the keywords you should look for and avoid purchasing foods that include these ingredients:

  • Corn syrup
  • High fructose corn syrup
  • Evaporated cane juice
  • Fruit pulp
  • Fruit puree
  • Fruit juice or fruit juice concentrate
  • Blackstrap molasses
  • Diastase
  • Treacle
  • Sorghum syrup

What do these ingredients have in common? They’re all unnatural forms of added sugar, and you’re likely to find them on the labels of fat free and low fat foods.

And beware—just because a label says “natural flavoring” doesn’t mean a thing. When “natural” is followed by “flavoring,” there is nothing natural about it at all!

3 Simple Tips to Eat Fat Free and Low Fat Naturally

My go-to practice for eating Simple Clean and Whole is this: NO FAT FREE OR LOW FAT. Here are three tips to help you do it, too:

  • Only eat foods with seven ingredients or fewer.
  • At least 80% of the foods you eat should come from healthy soil, sun, and water.
  • Stay on the perimeter of your supermarket for at least 80% of your food shopping as that’s where meats, produce, and dairy items are found. The other aisles are filled with boxed and other packaged foods.

Once you start to take sugar out of your daily life, your taste buds will shift, and I promise you’ll find the pure joy in the natural sugar that comes from fresh fruit!

A Delicious, Sweet Treat Recipe with Nothing from a Box

Speaking of sweet and natural sugar, I want to share a delicious recipe with you from Heather Cox at EatRealFoodNYC.com for Baked Cherries with Chocolate, Coconut and Almond Crumble. It’s so good!

Heather is also the owner of the Treehouse Retreats in East Hampton, NY where I’m hosting A Day in the Life of YOUR Truth Retreat in July. The retreat is already sold out, but stay tuned because I’ll offer more retreats in the near future. Be sure to follow the Simple Clean and Whole Facebook Page so you don’t miss anything!

Baked Cherries with a Chocolate, Coconut and Almond Crumble

(serves 2)

4 cups of frozen cherries

1 big tablespoon of cacao powder

1 cup of shredded coconut (I use unsweetened)

1 cup of raw almonds (you can use oats if you want to keep it nut-free)

1-2 tablespoons of honey

2 tablespoons of coconut oil

Dash of vanilla

Pinch of sea salt

  1. Preheat oven to 400F (200C).
  2. Arrange the cherries in 4 small ramekins and place in oven for about 15 minutes.
  3. Throw the nuts into a food processor and pulse until chopped but still crunchy.
  4. Add to a bowl with the cacao powder and coconut and mix together.
  5. Melt the honey and coconut oil over low heat until mixed. Pour into the dry ingredients and mix together.
  6. Pull the cherries out of the oven and evenly spread the mixture on top.
  7. Return to the oven and bake for another 10 minutes or until the top is crispy.
  8. Serve with a dollop of coconut cream or goat cheese.

That’s all there is to it! In less than 30 minutes, you’ll have a yummy treat without all of the

8 Steps to Spring into Summer (and a Yummy Shake Recipe)

It’s that time of year for me, and I’ll assume for you, too. We’re moving from spring to summer, and that means I’m becoming microscopically aware of what I’m ingesting.

Suddenly, I’m noticing that my portions have gotten bigger. One glass of wine turns into two. Those pretzels and dark chocolate look like they’re jumping out of the cabinet, into my hands, and then somehow, into my mouth.

I’m feeling a bit more tired than usual, my jeans are getting a little snug, and my water intake has fallen from 70 ounces per day to just 15 ounces on some days! Yes, I can dip below the midline just like everyone else. I can lose some of my daily rituals that keep me above the midline, and it so often happens during the winter months. But holy shit! It’s time to wake up!

I love winter because it’s a time to hunker down and hibernate a bit. Colder weather and shorter days gives us an excuse to stay in our pajamas a little later, maybe enjoy some homemade pancakes with a little extra syrup, and get under a cozy blank to watch a good ole movie! Sounds good, right?

We live with the seasons, and as the seasons change, so does our cellular system. As we move into summer, our entire being wants to feel lighter. It’s time to shift out of the habits we let ourselves fall into during the winter months.

How? It seems so foreign now! How do we take off those extra pounds without focusing completely on our external being? The answer is simple. You do it one day at a time.

Spring into Summer with My 8 Simple Cleanup Steps

Let me tell you how I start to clean up. These are the 8 steps I use, and so can you. They’re not difficult. You just have to get started!


1. Use a Food Scale

First, I get out my food scale and leave it on the kitchen counter. Why? I’ve noticed that my portions are getting out of hand. If the same thing is happening to you, use a food scale until you get acquainted with four ounces of protein—then you can eyeball it later.


2. Use Measuring Cups

Next, I invite my measuring cups to be my friend again. Why? I need to portion out my food. Just 1/3 cup of grains is all you need to sustain your hunger. The rest just turns into sugars.


3. Fill Your Water Bottle

I keep a 32-ounce water bottle filled at all times. Why? It’s a measured amount. Finish three of them per day and you’re instantly detoxing.


4. Clean out Your Pantry

I go through my pantry and empty anything that’s expired. Why? Decluttering is the answer. Once you know what you have that has no use, you can refill your pantry with foods that serve you.


5. Remove the Boxed and Bagged Food

Take all of the boxed and bagged food out of your house. Give it to a food bank! Why? These foods are temptations that feed cravings. If it’s there, it will jump into your hand and land in your mouth just like it does to me.


6. Modify Your Treats (I’m Talking about Your Chocolate Fix)

Treats are a lifestyle. Replace your milk chocolate with 72% dark chocolate. Why? Milk chocolate contains more preservatives, sugar, and additives. My secret is to have two squares of Hu Dark Chocolate every night. It’s my new love!


7. Keep Frozen Fruits and Vegetables in Your Freezer

You should always have frozen fruits and vegetables in your freezer. Why? It makes it so easy to start your day with a nutrient-dense shake. All you have to do is open your freezer and bam, you’re starting your morning with good fuel!


8. Feed Your Body Nutrients in Delicious Shakes

Once I start to clean up my diet, I’m adamant about feeding my body with clean nutrient foods for breakfast. Why? Because they work! That’s where my shakes come in. To get you started, try the shake recipe I share at the end of this article.


Spring into Summer with The Whenever Cleanse




Try these clean up steps for one week and let me know how it works for you. If you love it, you’ll undoubtedly want to continue. It’s a perfect time to start the Whenever Cleanse for 5-14 days.


The Whenever Cleanse is not a gimmick. It’s the way I was finally able to turn crappy habits into healthy habits in a very short amount of time. And that’s exactly what happens when we overdo it in the winter months with heavy foods—healthy habits are replaced with crappy habits. You can reverse those habits with a Whenever Cleanse just like I do!


It’s tricky to cut down when we hit spring and summer, but those extra pounds turn into weight gain. If you don’t intercept your eating habits and patterns, you’ll see a five-pound yearly weight gain habit develop. It creeps up on you, but it won’t stop until you reverse your habits.


Register for the Whenever Cleanse now so you can make simple changes to shift those habits, feel better quickly, and stop the five-pound per year weight gain habit in its tracks!


Spring into Summer with a Yummy Shake


I love to start my day off with a shake! It gives your digestive system a chance to rest without using the energy required to break down solid foods. Here’s one of my favorites—my Spring into Summer Shake Recipe—but you can make it anytime of year.


Spring into Summer Shake

8-12 ounces of almond or coconut milk

1 scoop Terra Whey Protein Powder

1 overflowing cup of frozen spinach

½ cup of frozen berries or pomegranates

½ banana

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

1 tablespoon of raw cacao


Just put all of the ingredients in your blender, blend, and enjoy!


This shake should keep you full until lunch. Stay tuned for my nutrient-dense lunch and don’t forget to start your Whenever Cleanse to spring into a healthy and happy summer!

Shiftin’ from Spring into Summer

Happy Spring!

I am writing first and foremost to say THANK YOU to my SHIFT 21 Participants who just completed their 21 Day Program!

Here are some of the things the SHIFTERs are sharing…

It really help me to get back to where I wanted to be and continue. Thank You!

I loved the daily emails! And I also loved that some included recipes, some with product information, and some with inspiration.

The simple step-by-step made it impossible to get wrong, and also made it clear how easy it really is to eat this way.

It’s not too late to get in on the SHIFTIN’ action.

In fact, this program is available on my website here all the time! Yes, that’s right – you can purchase this self-guided program and will have the materials delivered to your inbox! You will also get access to the private SHIFT 21 Facebook page for questions, support and lots of love! (I so enjoy connecting with my SHIFTER’s there!)

I have met so many new people in the past few weeks and am in 7th Heaven with the way we are learning from each other! I can’t thank you all enough for your passion and support for Simple Clean and Whole. You truly teach me so much while I am guiding you on this path. It is a two-way street!

Simple Clean and Whole keeps expanding… so many new cities and states (and countries!) are now represented since we can connect online. I am filled to the brim.

In the spirit of newness and expansion, I am expanding this all-new SHIFT program to a total of 6 weeks (think Mastery); The Why & How of Emotional Cleansing along with Physical.

The 6-Week Program will simply be called “SHIFT.” It will be mastery level online version of my past in person SHIFT program. It is based on my private coaching techniques, but written from the space within me that reaches out to ALL… as a simple, doable, self-paced program no matter where you live.

SHIFT 21 (available here) was all about nutrition while SHIFT embody and dive deeper into the juicy stuff… emotional wellness. (It’s all so connected, and three weeks just isn’t enough time to get to it all!)

For those who are interested in the mastery SHIFT program, watch our Facebook page, this blog and your inbox for an announcement in September.

Click here to see what SHIFT 21 is all about and jump in today if you want to experience the same amazing results as the current group. I’ll meet you in our private Facebook page later!

With anticipation of even more SHIFTS,


My sugar addiction: The Whole Story + How I Shifted

How do you sustain a healthy lifestyle after doing a 10-day cleanse?

I am asked that question often. If it were up to me and I had all the time in the world, I would personally guide you all through a whole year of living a Simple Clean and Whole lifestyle.

Sounds like a fun idea, right? A whole year together? But realistically, how can I do a program that is manageable and realistic for both of us… setting you up for a whole year of success? I got to thinking…

I have had over 200 clients go through my 60-Day Shift program, diving deeper than simple cleansing and learning what it is like to live with more…

  • Energy
  • Clarity
  • Weight loss
  • Mindfulness
  • Awareness

Well, studies show that someone who commits to something for 21 consecutive days will far more likely to continue the habit after that date. While I don’t believe in the myth of quick fixes and am all about a holistic lifestyle approach, 21 days is definitely enough to witness yourself feeling better, sleeping better, waking naturally and not suffering from blood sugar crashes and mood swings, and MANY more benefits.

What I know for sure is that after 21 days of simple clean and whole living, you will feel more alert, have more energy, and definitely feel more productive.

This I know for sure. How? I have seen it over and over again with my private clients and past 60-day SHIFTers…. And have experienced this myself! That’s right. Jen hasn’t always lived Simple Clean and Whole! I had to create this lifestyle after learning the hard way.

Fifteen years ago I finally stopped a deadly addiction to SUGAR!  

Yup…I did! I chewed more double bubble, bazooka, freshen up, hubba bubba then you could imagine. Yum!  I remember putting one piece in my mouth after another. You can only imagine the thick sugar film I had on my teeth and tongue. (Not so yum.) The sugar actually made me so thirsty. And, If it was not sugary gum, it was gummy bears, swedish fish, or licorice!

After a 31 years of a high sugar diet, I had developed a pure addiction. My cravings always came after lunch and dinner… and you bet I fulfilled them.

And I will tell you: it wreaked havoc on my mind, body, and soul.

I developed a condition called Candidiasis, which is basically Yeast throughout my gut!  The yeast then caused some of these horrible symptoms:

  • Loss of clarity
  • Fogginess
  • Lots of highs and lows
  • Cravings
  • Bloat, gas…oh I won’t bore you!
  • Constipation
  • Acid Reflux
  • Weight Gain

Candida breaks down the wall of the intestine and penetrates the bloodstream, releasing toxic byproducts into your body and causing leaky gut. And guess what? It’s not just sugar – too much of anything can cause these horrible symptoms… carbohydrates, GMO’s, alcohol, gluten!

Sounds fun right!? No?

I began fervently researching what could be causing these symptoms.  How could it have been my diet? Well it was…thank god!

I was lucky to have found a 21-day challenge to cut sugar out of my diet… which now I call “lifestyle.”

Holy Shit! (Excuse my language but this was that huge…)

After 21 days, I never felt better in my life. 

I regained mental clarity (which was a big one), stabled my blood sugar levels, the bloat was gone, and my entire being felt back to it’s natural state. (I actually did not even know what my natural state was before this because it was hijacked by SUGAR!)

I am now going back to my roots from 15 years ago – when my journey to Simple Clean and Whole first began – and offering you an opportunity take 21 days to heal yourself as well. Or, like I did – just get the healing started and begin to experience your (incredible) natural state of being!

SHIFT 21 is a new, abridged version of the 60-day Shift program.   

So, those of you who need a reset, want to extend your cleansing experience, or just want to jumpstart Spring with some good ’ole eating and lifestyle patterns… This is for you!

This program is truly for everyone. Come as you are.

This is the EASIEST program I have written thus far.

Think: Understandable, Relatable, Workable and Doable!!!!

Fear no more! No fussy recipes with tons of ingredients and prep time – instead, simple how-to charts (with pictures!) and my guidance every single day.

Sound like a challenge you are up for? Then join me! I know that this 21 days can be as transformational for you as mine were for me all those years ago. No more excuses… it’s time to get clear, energetic, and feelin’ great… just in time for spring. Still on the fence?

Pretty awesome, right? Still need a little incentive??

Get the scoop on Shift21 and join us:

shift-21-imin xo Jen

Can You Really Cleanse & EAT Fat Too….?

Could there be a healthy fat?

Oh yes there can…

It’s called Ghee….

It looks like butter, it’s made with butter, it kind of smells like butter, so how healthy can ghee really be?

Ghee traditionally used in Indian cooking and is commonly referred as clarified or drawn butter. One tablespoon of ghee is equal to 4 tablespoons of butter.

“Ghee is made from a natural source which is butter, and because of the way it’s prepared, the lactose and milk protein content is so minimal…making it better tolerated by those with dairy sensitivities”… -Ari Patel

I absolutely LOVE ghee’s benefits…

  • Ghee possesses butyric acid, which actually decrease inflammation in parts of the body, particularly your gut and aids in nutrient absorption
  • High in healthy Omega 3 oil which can help decrease your levels of unhealthy cholesterol.
  • Ghee is easily digestible for this with dairy intolerance concerns…what more can I say!

I have been experimenting with ghee for the last year, and have found many recipes that include its deliciousness!!! My favorite to put a teaspoon in my morning oatmeal….OMG!!!!

I have included many recipes with Ghee in my Deep Dive Winter Cleanse. Ghee is the perfect accessory for that comfort and warmth we all crave in the winter season….kind of like a warm cozy blanket! A little healthy fat always curbs my sugar cravings!

You can find grass-fed ghee at your local food store, and to boot it does not have to be refrigerated, since there is no dairy, and essentially is a healthy fat.

Please remember Ghee is an addition to a Simple Clean and Whole healthy lifestyle since it is a fat…everything in balance & moderation!!!

Delicious Warming Oatmeal with Ghee
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
  • 1 tablespoon ghee
  • 2-3 cups of water
  • 1 pinch of sea salt
  • ¼ cup raisins
  • ⅔ cup rolled oats
  • 1 tsp cardamom
  • pinch of cinnamon
  • pinch of nutmeg
  1. In a medium saucepan, melt the ghee.
  2. Add the oats, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt.
  3. Allow the ghee to coat the oats and spices.
  4. Add your water & bring to a boil, reduce heat to med-low.
  5. Add raisins.
  6. Cover and let cook until desired texture.
  7. Sprinkle with sunflower seeds
adapted from SimpleVeda.com

Come experience cooking with ghee in a safe & effective way on the Simple Clean and Whole Winter Deep Dive Cleanse! The Pre-Cleanse starts this Sunday, February 1st 2015.