Simple Clean and Whole is Going East Hampton RETREAT style…

Yup! One full day of getting down and dirty with your good ole self!


Wednesday, July 13, 2016 in East Hampton, NY

…getting excited?


Treehouse Retreats…wait till you click this link! Heaven on earth…

The Treehouse Retreats is owned by Heather Cox. She is a renowned foodie (check out her popular blog at

Last summer, I spent two 8-hour days at a live retreat at Treehouse where Heather served our group the most delicious lunch from real, local, organic, and sustainable farms—the way nature intended it to be.

After spending time with Heather, it became apparent to me that Simple Clean and Whole needed to hold a one day live retreat on this beautiful, scared property.

Imagine a full day of…

  • Saying “Yes” to you!
  • Giving yourself permission to take some time just for you
  • Eating Simple Clean and Whole Foods
  • Getting to know other like-minded women
  • No judgement
  • No comparisons
  • No b*llsh*t


Just a sense of what makes you tick, what makes you smile, and what makes you whole… (feeling it?)

I’ve ventured on several retreats throughout my own journey of living Simple Clean and Whole and have had the most truly profound experiences:

  • Moments of really understanding my limited patterns, beliefs, and overall mindset
  • Moments of shifting and letting go
  • Moments of sheer joy and moments sheer awareness

A Day in the Life of Your Truth Retreat is a time for you to reflect and be truthful with yourself. It’s a time to take off the shackles that have been holding you hostage and feel the freedom that we as human beings are meant to be, feel, and live!

Here’s a “taste” of our day together:

  • Start at 9:30 a.m.
  • Get to know one another
  • Beautiful centering
  • Movement
  • Nutrition intention setting
  • Digging deep into our nutritional plate
  • “7 day Simple Clean and Whole detox plan”
  • Question & answer
  • “How to” Farm to Table lunch served by Heather Cox
  • Time to digest what we have ingested…..
  • “Digging deep” into our emotional plate of primary foods… think relationships, self care, career, nutrition, and physical body…
  • The day will wrap up at 5:00 with a pure softness of the heart.

I am opening this retreat to only 12 participants. 

This is an opportunity to be in a space filled with magnetizing energy. Remember, we are all going through “stuff” in our lives… no one is alone!

Register now so you secure your spot. The cost is just $379 per person!


As a special bonus, if you register by June 13, 2016, you’ll get the first in my new series of What Jen Practices” online courses for free!

In this first course, What Jen Practices 101, I share the steps, products, and tips that I use every day to care for three of my primary foods:

  • Nutrition
  • Relationships
  • Self Care

The course includes both written content and videos where I walk you through everything! It’s the first in a series of courses where I show you exactly how I live a Simple Clean and Whole lifestyle.

Plan Your Trip

If you need to reserve a hotel room for a night or more, follow the links below to find some options. Be sure to reserve your room early. Hotels in the Hamptons fill up quickly during the summer!

It’s easy to get to The Treehouse!

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