Nourish Your Body. Feed Your Soul. Improve Your Life.

Seasonal Group Cleanses with Jen Meister are designed to nourish your body with whole foods. At the end of your week-long cleanse designed for seasonal eating, you’ll see measurable changes in your body and mind.

Physical Benefits of a Seasonal Group Cleanse

Feel healthier

Feel lighter

Feel clear-headed

Have glowing skin

Boost your immune system

Have better sleep habits

Emotional Benefits of a Seasonal Group Cleanse

Improved self-care

Attainable self-love

Increased self-empowerment

Greater self-fulfillment

Jen cares about your whole health and well-being, so her cleanses are truly holistic. She uses proven rituals and practices that she knows will keep you centered, happy, and fulfilled with nourishment on all levels because she uses them herself!

When you join one of Jen’s Seasonal Group Cleanses, you automatically get:

Access to group phone calls led by Jen

Access to a private web page and Facebook Page

Simple Clean and Whole Guidebook

Simple Clean and Whole Recipe Book

Simple Clean and Whole Meal Plans

Simple Clean and Whole Shopping Lists

In-Person Seasonal Group Cleanses

You can join Jen in her local area for an in-person Seasonal Group Cleanse. They’re offered three times per year: winter, spring, and summer.

Online Seasonal Group Cleanses

If you’re not in Jen’s area, each cleanse is available online, so you can cleanse wherever you are and repeat as often as you like.

Seasonal Group Cleanse Schedule

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“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me reset, reboot and re-energize! I can’t tell you how wonderful I feel, not having put an ounce of crap put into my body for the past 10 days! It wasn’t easy – I had my good days and bad. But tonight right now, the way I am feeling, the struggle was well worth it! My mind is clear, my skin is clear.  I have officially coined myself a Jen Meister Groupie – I would guess there are a fair number of them. Can’t wait for the next program to continue the Simple Clean and Whole lifestyle!”

– Katie