8 Steps to Spring into Summer (and a Yummy Shake Recipe)

It’s that time of year for me, and I’ll assume for you, too. We’re moving from spring to summer, and that means I’m becoming microscopically aware of what I’m ingesting.

Suddenly, I’m noticing that my portions have gotten bigger. One glass of wine turns into two. Those pretzels and dark chocolate look like they’re jumping out of the cabinet, into my hands, and then somehow, into my mouth.

I’m feeling a bit more tired than usual, my jeans are getting a little snug, and my water intake has fallen from 70 ounces per day to just 15 ounces on some days! Yes, I can dip below the midline just like everyone else. I can lose some of my daily rituals that keep me above the midline, and it so often happens during the winter months. But holy shit! It’s time to wake up!

I love winter because it’s a time to hunker down and hibernate a bit. Colder weather and shorter days gives us an excuse to stay in our pajamas a little later, maybe enjoy some homemade pancakes with a little extra syrup, and get under a cozy blank to watch a good ole movie! Sounds good, right?

We live with the seasons, and as the seasons change, so does our cellular system. As we move into summer, our entire being wants to feel lighter. It’s time to shift out of the habits we let ourselves fall into during the winter months.

How? It seems so foreign now! How do we take off those extra pounds without focusing completely on our external being? The answer is simple. You do it one day at a time.

Spring into Summer with My 8 Simple Cleanup Steps

Let me tell you how I start to clean up. These are the 8 steps I use, and so can you. They’re not difficult. You just have to get started!


1. Use a Food Scale

First, I get out my food scale and leave it on the kitchen counter. Why? I’ve noticed that my portions are getting out of hand. If the same thing is happening to you, use a food scale until you get acquainted with four ounces of protein—then you can eyeball it later.


2. Use Measuring Cups

Next, I invite my measuring cups to be my friend again. Why? I need to portion out my food. Just 1/3 cup of grains is all you need to sustain your hunger. The rest just turns into sugars.


3. Fill Your Water Bottle

I keep a 32-ounce water bottle filled at all times. Why? It’s a measured amount. Finish three of them per day and you’re instantly detoxing.


4. Clean out Your Pantry

I go through my pantry and empty anything that’s expired. Why? Decluttering is the answer. Once you know what you have that has no use, you can refill your pantry with foods that serve you.


5. Remove the Boxed and Bagged Food

Take all of the boxed and bagged food out of your house. Give it to a food bank! Why? These foods are temptations that feed cravings. If it’s there, it will jump into your hand and land in your mouth just like it does to me.


6. Modify Your Treats (I’m Talking about Your Chocolate Fix)

Treats are a lifestyle. Replace your milk chocolate with 72% dark chocolate. Why? Milk chocolate contains more preservatives, sugar, and additives. My secret is to have two squares of Hu Dark Chocolate every night. It’s my new love!


7. Keep Frozen Fruits and Vegetables in Your Freezer

You should always have frozen fruits and vegetables in your freezer. Why? It makes it so easy to start your day with a nutrient-dense shake. All you have to do is open your freezer and bam, you’re starting your morning with good fuel!


8. Feed Your Body Nutrients in Delicious Shakes

Once I start to clean up my diet, I’m adamant about feeding my body with clean nutrient foods for breakfast. Why? Because they work! That’s where my shakes come in. To get you started, try the shake recipe I share at the end of this article.


Spring into Summer with The Whenever Cleanse




Try these clean up steps for one week and let me know how it works for you. If you love it, you’ll undoubtedly want to continue. It’s a perfect time to start the Whenever Cleanse for 5-14 days.


The Whenever Cleanse is not a gimmick. It’s the way I was finally able to turn crappy habits into healthy habits in a very short amount of time. And that’s exactly what happens when we overdo it in the winter months with heavy foods—healthy habits are replaced with crappy habits. You can reverse those habits with a Whenever Cleanse just like I do!


It’s tricky to cut down when we hit spring and summer, but those extra pounds turn into weight gain. If you don’t intercept your eating habits and patterns, you’ll see a five-pound yearly weight gain habit develop. It creeps up on you, but it won’t stop until you reverse your habits.


Register for the Whenever Cleanse now so you can make simple changes to shift those habits, feel better quickly, and stop the five-pound per year weight gain habit in its tracks!


Spring into Summer with a Yummy Shake


I love to start my day off with a shake! It gives your digestive system a chance to rest without using the energy required to break down solid foods. Here’s one of my favorites—my Spring into Summer Shake Recipe—but you can make it anytime of year.


Spring into Summer Shake

8-12 ounces of almond or coconut milk

1 scoop Terra Whey Protein Powder

1 overflowing cup of frozen spinach

½ cup of frozen berries or pomegranates

½ banana

1 tablespoon of chia seeds

1 tablespoon of raw cacao


Just put all of the ingredients in your blender, blend, and enjoy!


This shake should keep you full until lunch. Stay tuned for my nutrient-dense lunch and don’t forget to start your Whenever Cleanse to spring into a healthy and happy summer!

Live Simple Clean and Whole

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