A State of Growth


It has been a crazy couple of months for me.

As most of you know, I resigned from teaching the Bar Method.  This took a lot of thought as The Bar Method, Summit was a place of safety and comfort for me.  I absolutely loved working for Jen and Angie, and made wonderful friends.  The clients of the Bar Method filled my tank up every time I stood in front of a class to teach.

Why am I writing about this 3 months after the fact?

Well, I must tell you….this was not an easy decision.

The decision was confirmed when I decided to put all my passion and energy into healing others through the study of Health and Wellness.  I had a opportunity that was staring me in the face, opening my very own Health and Wellness Facility in Summit, NJ. (I will get to the excited particulars…so keep reading)

In all honesty, this was the first time in my career that I would be able to use all my passions and share with others….

What began as a client relationship, my now partner Adele approached me to start our own Raw Organic Chocolate business, I thought YES, this is a great idea.
I have always wanted a product behind me.  Not knowing that this idea would come to fruition, I was all about moving forward.

Yes, read that sentence again….”Not knowing that this idea would come to fruition, I was all about moving forward.”

Paralyzed By Fear?  Oh, yes!!!!

My inner dialogue was like a non stop talking remote control doll:

How can I pursue this when I have children?

Will I have enough family time?

Am I good enough at what I do?

Will I be a success?

These are questions in some form or another that we ask ourselves when we are just about to take a leap of faith on our own.  Sometimes, we allow our inner dialogue to win.  For me, I stepped into it.  Those questions are what has held me back for many years.  Old programming.  No more.
Through all of my studies, I learned that we all have a choice!  Our biggest and baddest obstacle to overcome is OURSELVES!!!!! 

So, now think about one of your visions that you have closed off in mind body and soul.
What is your inner dialogue telling you??
Take the first step in creating that vision.  It can be as small as gathering information from the internet or as large as signing up for a educational class.
I can now tell you from experience, it takes time, courage, and most of all to trust in the process of life.
The process although may knock you off your feet at times, it is quite invigorating…and well worth the benefits of internal and emotional growth.

One of my mentors, Danielle LaPorte said,

“You’re here for a reason

And that reason is yours to define

Make it something amazing and really full of love

Be unreasonable, and scared if you need to be

Just keep moving, feeling and asking

Don’t take any crap, and for the love of god, please don’t settle

Just keep choosing….You are writing the movie script of your life…”

Fast forward 5 months….  

Here I am! 

Co-Owner of Vita Organic Foods, A Simple Clean and Whole approach to Nutrition and Lifestyle.

320 Springfield Avenue
Summit, New Jersey 


We are just 2 weeks away from opening…..

3400 square feet of:

1..Health and Wellness Retail section featuring various foods and products 

2..Organic Seasonal Soups and Salads and Fresh Juice made from our State of the Art Kitchen

3..Private or Semi Private cooking Classes given by Jen & Adele

(Think about having a cooking party for a bunch of friends)

4..Various Guest speakers on many versions of Integrative Health

5..Training and Educational Group and Individual Nutritional Counseling

6..Chocolate viewing and tasting room

So, yes, lots going on….like I said, I took the leap of faith to step out of my comfort and safety zone into the UNKNOWN….

My purpose as you know is to reach out and educate others on Health and Wellness. I will keep you posted on the opening!!!!

For now, please stop by, and take a look at our vision and what we have created…

Can’t wait to see you for lunch…..


Here’s a sneak peek of the store which will be opening on Monday, December 10!


Wanted to give a shout out to the Summit Mommies Group coming to our local Summit and surrounding area!


xo jen

Live Simple Clean and Whole

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