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Yup!! For me I will say “FINALLY” my well awaited NEW website is now LIVE!!! And I’m so excited because a special E-book that I have written: Back to Basics Wellness Guide. The 6 Pillars of Living a Simple Clean and Whole Lifestyle is FREE JUST FOR YOU!!

First things first, What about those old 2014 mindsets when it comes to setting your New Year Resolutions!!!!

We all seem to make our largest and weightiest goals on the first days of the New Year, and unfortunately for some of us it always goes a little something like this:

“I am taking off the extra pounds come January 1st”

But then we think about it….

”Wait, no, January 2nd actually because I NEED to have the annual New Years brunch to soak up the New Year celebration.”

HA! Sound familiar? Then the addiction to bailing on a commitment starts to seep in, and the pattern continues endlessly with the excuses like:

  • “I have a birthday celebration”
  • “Client dinner”
  • “I just feel stressed out today”
  • “I really don’t think a bite will hurt”
  • “A third glass of wine doesn’t matter right?”

That is, until a taste or bite turn into stuffing your mouth with those scandalous flavors, or the wine turns into a whole, delicious, alcohol bursting bottle…

So then you say, “I am this far already, I may as well just start next Monday.”

Of course, unsurprisingly before you even know it, it is February and making yourself the same empty promises, just with a different date slapped on the top.

How do you follow through? That is the million dollar question. Don’t get me wrong, the ability to change our minds at any point is a beautiful privilege us humans have. But, the danger is when you start changing your mind on a promise, who’s result will more than likely will be self sabotaging…I am with you…I get it!!!

So, how am I going about dealing with this struggle?

I am focusing on following the six pillars I have discovered that are truly the key to a Simple, Clean and Whole lifestyle. These pillars can lead to a life where the mind, the body and the soul are pure, clean, and well-oiled machines. Really, before even attempting any kind of New Years resolution you have in mind, you must first align your whole being so following through with that resolution isn’t as complicated to keep. So to align the whole-listic being, I believe in using my six pillars of wellness that emphasize the importance of:

Breath, Water, Sleep, Movement, Nutrition, and Love

All six are in my NEW E-Book for you to download from my NEW Simple Clean and Whole Website.

Yup!! It is READY and waiting for you! Just scroll down and enter your name and email address. Your Back to Basics e-book will be on the way to you! And don’t forget to use the Social Media buttons to share with a friend. Everybody should have this E-book! And who doesn’t love gifts?

“See” you soon!

xo jen



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