Deep Dive – A 10 Day Winter Purification Cleanse

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So, have you declared your 2015 goals?

Did you start to cut down on alcohol? … What’s your vice?

How about your sugar? … Are you a cake or candy junkie?

Toxic Gluten? …. Anyone for a bread basket?

What about preservatives? … Living on protein bars?

Deadly hydrogenated fats & oils? … Snacking on crackers & goldfish?

We are partaking in a practice that damages the gastrointestinal tract from overuse of antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs, combined with a low-fiber, high fat, sugar, gluten laden diet that leads to the development gut sensitivities, resulting in inflammation. Ouch!

Headaches, bloat, lethargy, aches and pains…just plain ole CRAPPY!!! Sounds just so familiar….when is it going to STOP?

When we take ACTION through cultivating a PRACTICE of AWARENESS! It’s called educating & choosing a lifestyle that feels good for us…. I have the perfect kick start!

Ready to take the Deep Dive & Purify?

Drumroll please…

Simple Clean and Whole’s 10 day Deep Dive Cleanse will be starting on February 1st…..


Lots of detoxing, warm, inviting, nourishing, soulful foods that will give your internal system the love and attention that it needs RIGHT NOW!

Mark your calendars for Simple Clean and Whole’s 10 day Deep Dive Soul Purification Cleanse

Feb 1st-Feb 10th

The cleanse is all online…all welcome near or far!!!!


To get yourself prepared, be sure to download my Back to Basics Wellness Guide – Simple Clean and Whole’s 6 Pillars of Health & Wellness scroll to the bottom of the page and enter your name and email address to the box and you’ll be sent the guide.

Here is your challenge…..

Pick 1 pillar to practice for the next 3 weeks!

I know my first weeks practice is to increase my water intake to ½ my body weight in ounces!!!!

Gets all the junk & crap moving…(no pun intended…lol)


Live Simple Clean and Whole

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