Feeling the Impact of Fall 2017

Wow! Life is getting really messy in our external world since the lunar eclipse in August of this year! Some of us may not connect the dots between the eclipse and recent events, but through my studies, I’ve discovered that the connection has been showing up everywhere. Since August, we’ve had:

  • Hurricane Harvey flooded Houston, Texas
  • Hurricane Irma swept through Florida and the Caribbean
  • Hurricane Katia affected Mexico
  • Hurricane Jose off the East Coast
  • Hurricane Maria in the Carribean
  • An earthquake in Mexico
  • A possible volcanic eruption at Mt. Aguna in Indonesia

These natural disasters have affected so many of us either directly or through friends and loved ones. My husband, Drew, and I planned to leave for a trip to Bali during the first week of October. We’ve been planning this trip for a year, but the rumbling of Mt. Aguna put a dead stop to our three-week, 25-year anniversary celebration.

What is Happening?

As many of you know, I always look for a deeper meaning in things. What’s the lesson here? What can I learn about the whys? What kind of impact does this have on our overall health and wellness?

The deeper I get into my counseling practice, the deeper I get into being counseled. Yes, you read that correctly – once a week for me! There is incredible evidence that shows as life gets more complex, human beings need support. Studies have revealed we need time to move inwards.

As I spoke to my own counselor about the shift in life as we know it, a lot of things came up in our conversation that I’d love to share with you.

What Does It Mean?

With all of the natural disasters going on in the world, this is a time in life to make a choice. You can either go mentally dark or you can move inwards toward light to better yourself and those around you.

And now, I know you’re thinking, “What does that really mean, Jen?”

I want you to think of it this way. We are made up of approximately 85% water. What is happening in the world – hurricanes, winds, rain, volcanoes, and earthquakes – whether you know it or not, is having an effect on your entire wellbeing – either physically, mentally, and/or spiritually.

In other words, as the world starts to ebb and flow, so do we. If natural disasters are causing a lot of movement – bubbling and exploding – you have to look within yourself to see where you’re actually percolating and bubbling under the surface. For example, are you building up anger and ready to explode?

Now, I don’t mean to sound all doom and gloom. The truth is I’m taking this opportunity to explore, be vulnerable, experiment, and become curious with the patterns and habits that I’ve kept with me for longer than they were welcome. This is the silver lining.

My belief is that practicing, exploring, and changing things up will offer you a SHIFT in a direction that is beneficial to you overall, and eventually, it will be beneficial to those who surround you, too.

How Do I Do It?

Your next question is probably, “How do I do it, Jen?” Take a deep breath and stay tuned for my next post where I’ll give you four ways to do it.

In the meantime, if you’re ready to take the next step to transformation, let’s work together. And if you’re truly ready to make a shift, get started by signing up for my 3-week SHIFT21 program.

“Throughout my life, I have struggled to find a healthy relationship with food. A month ago, desperate to find and live a healthier lifestyle, I reached out to Jen.  Just 5-6 days later, believe it or not, I felt a shift. This shift was not a ton of weight loss or a magically toned body. It was me!  But with a less bloated belly, clearer skin, more energy and a newfound confidence.

“Throughout college and the past two years, I found myself choosing erratic and extreme diets to lose weight- nothing ever stuck. I found myself quickly falling back into old habits, because I felt deprived of tasty and satiating food. Now, I love the food I eat. Yes, sometimes I miss pizza, but I do not miss the way I used to feel.

“I now am determined to give my body the healthy food and fuel it needs. Jen has guided me through this process with patience, understanding, balance, and passion. She is my cheerleader, and I am her biggest fan!”

— Samantha B.

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