With Great Change Comes Great Opportunity

How much have I written about personal growth this year? If you have been following my blogs, you would say, “A lot, Jen!”Change and growth are the themes of this season of my life. And being able to share my journey with you – my Simple Clean and Whole Community – is truly a gift.Being the Co-Founder of Vita Organic Foods as well as counseling my clients on their journey towards Health and Wellness has been a gift that does not stop giving. The past 2 ½ years of working in these roles have been monumental in the way of spiritual and mental growth.If there is one thing I have learned through the years, it is is that with growth inevitably comes change.For me this change is taking the shape of Simple Clean and Whole separating from Vita Organic Foods and moving into a brand new space. I will no longer be associated with Vita Organic Foods. Though Simple Clean and Whole and Vita Organic Foods will no longer be tied together, we will both be practicing gratitude for all of our loyal customers and continuing to serve them individually moving forward. We both are shifting and transitioning for the purpose of growth and a bigger calling. And we are listening carefully! I know this change will ultimately raise the vibrational energy of our community. While Vita does their own journeying, Simple Clean and Whole will be diving deeper into health and wellness counseling both with private coaching and group programs. I am so excited to be able to respond to the desires of the SCW community with new programs launching this year. And this change allows me to do so. I am honored to have such beautiful, bright, soulful, and dedicated Simple Clean and Whole following. A tribe of like-minded beings desiring for more than the naked eye can see. A group that supports each other in igniting our very own inner lights. A family that is dedicated to accessing and living out our truth
  • Truth that guides us internally and externally on a daily basis.
  • Truth that tells us when to say “yes” and when to say “no.” 
  • Truth that tells us when to its time to stay, and time to move on.
  • Truth that reveals our path so we can confidently move forward.
My next program, launching this winter, is very near and dear to my heart and appropriately named “Live Your Truth.” (Or simply, the Truth Program as I call it.)
Please watch for more details to come about the Truth Program, and other Simple Clean and Whole updates in this coming year. I can’t wait for you to join me on the next step of my journey.
Thank you all for everything these past few years.
With love and gratitude always for Vita and for you,
xo jen


Live Simple Clean and Whole

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