Make your own light-Spark your inner flame!

December 21st is approaching… The beginning of the Winter Solstice.

But, what does that even mean?

It is the day where sunrise and sunset are closest they will be of any day of the year, which leaves us with 15 hours of nighttime… WOW! It is simply amazing to me that we have light till 8:30pm in the summer months and the total opposite when winter arrives, with sun saying goodbye at around 4:15pm… You really know that winter is wrapping its hibernation inducing fingers around you when it is nearly 5pm yet your tired as if it was 11pm. Winter can really throw off even those working the hardest both at work and at health, sometimes you can’t control it, its natural!

So there is no wonder when you’re someone working in the field of health and wellness, and have come across so many clients who are affected by the Winter. It seems we loose our ju-ju when the cold starts rolling in….

What are we missing that could possibly help us fight these sleepy, lazy propensities? Light!!! Both literally and figuratively! Literally since light is actually scarce during the winter. And figuratively because, think about it, when we have external light we can cultivate some internal fire to keep doing the do and get through our days successfully.

For example, reminisce to how much easier it was in the Spring and Summer to jump out of bed when the sun was shining, its light bleeding through every window and around every corner: take a run, get to the gym, garden, clean- all easy tasks when this light was present… For some inexplicable reason, movement and productivity are abundant when light fills our day.

So since the winter solstice wont allow us to have days filled with light, we’ll just have to start to make our own light this winter!!

For me it is most important to keep rituals in the winter season…or I am literally a bear in her winter cave as she slowly shrugs off all of her responsibilities, because lets be honest, its always enticing to turn into that bear:

Lots of sleep, less exercise, heavy and rich foods… Sounds nice right? Until you finally notice the only down side of giving in to your inner bear: weight gain… YIKES!

I like to go into Winter with a plan….

A plan to spark my inner flame… a flame that substitutes for the light that is blanketed by this cold winter air, a flame that I can depend on to get me moving and grooving first thing in the morning. Like anything else, once we start moving, the hard part is over and maintaining that movement throughout the day is only half as hard!

  1. Pick a time each morning that you are going to rise, no excuses
  2. Go through your schedule Sunday night and pick at least 3 -4 days that you will be getting some exercise, schedule it, no excuses
  3. Decide what you will be having for breakfast the night before, its all about preparation
  4. Keep your alarm away from your bed so you will have to rise when it goes off…
  5. Put 8 ounces of water next to your toothbrush each night before you go to bed
  6. Drink 8 ounces of water immediately after you brush your teeth….internal organs start to wake….Rise and Shine !
  7. Before you leave the house…set your intention for the day…each time you run into an obstacle during the day, repeat your intention


This time of year is all about shifting your mindset from:

“Winter is a time for being sluggish, tired, low energy, bloat, and weight gain.” and the “should of, could of, and would of” dialogue


The new mindset of:

“Winter offers me the time and space to reconnect, take care of myself, offer my mind and body new rituals, and most of all, some time to enjoy peace and quiet”


mmmmm… Sounds quite nourishing!!! Bring it on 2015!


Stay tuned!!! I have lots of light that I will be shining all throughout this winter solstice, and being around that light will no doubt help anyone who subjects themself to it!!!!

Just a sneak peak of that light, My BRAND NEW website launches after the New Year plus my long awaited Truth Program!


 xo jen 


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