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What Do You Get When You Blend Your TRUTH with a SHIFT?

I’m so excited to share something truly transformational that I’ve been working on since 2016!

I’ve melded my SHIFT and TRUTH programs together into an ALL NEW TRUTH PROGRAM that has literally knocked my socks off, and it will knock your socks off, too!As many of you know, I’ve been helping clients find their own truths and make transformational shifts for years now.

• 2008 my creative side exploded!
• 2009 Simple Clean and Whole was birthed.
• 2009 to today, I’ve coached thousands of clients on the bridge between nutrition and emotional wellness.
• 2014 my SHIFT program was birthed
• 2015 15 amazing women dove deep into what ignites their inner flames in my TRUTH program. That led to 15 amazing women spending seven hours with me in 2016 on my TRUTH Retreat. I’m both proud and honored to be of service to the most incredible clients around the country.

Thank you!

When 2017 arrived, I entered the Institute of Functional Medicine Coaching Academy, and I’m getting ready to sit for my National Board Certification for Health & Wellness Coaching in partnership with the National Board of Medical Examiners.

With all of my recent education, I realized that merging my SHIFT and TRUTH programs was the next natural step for Simple Clean and Whole.

But before I go into what the NEW TRUTH program entails, I want you to think about the top seven causes of stress in the United States according to the American Institute of Stress:

1. Job Pressure: Such as coworker tension, bosses, and work overload
2. Money: Such as job loss, reduced retirement, and medical expenses
3. Health: Such as a health crisis, terminal illness, and chronic illness
4. Relationships: Such as divorce, death of a spouse, arguments with friends, and loneliness
5. Poor Nutrition: Such as inadequate nutrition and consuming caffeine, processed foods, and refined sugars
6. Media Overload: Such as television, radio, internet, email, and social networking
7. Sleep Deprivation: Such as the inability to release adrenaline and other hormones

All of this stress has caused us to lose ourselves to who we really are. As a result, we’ve lost:

• Our truth
• Our eternal flame
• Our creativity
• Our zest for life
• Our passions
• Our dreams

Let me be completely transparent with you. I created the NEW TRUTH program because ME TOO! I ‘ve felt numb, stressed, anxious, depressed, and overwhelmed many times throughout my life – sometimes more extreme than others. To offer the NEW TRUTH program to you was a journey. Throughout the journey, I had to coerce myself out of my comfort zone into a personal space where I was subjected to many untapped emotions like fear, loneliness, doubt, and lots of second guessing (that classic below the midline feeling).

Here’s What I’m Offering You in the NEW TRUTH Program
I think of the NEW TRUTH program as a Soul Purification! When you sign up, you’ll get:

Throughout the 6-week plus bonus sessions, you’ll let go of old heavy programs and habits that have kept you weighted down, and you’ll learn how to stay in the practice of awareness while you’re living a life that is moving faster than yourself.

You’ll step into the unknown without any definites, control, or tangibility. This is an experience that requires letting go because only in such a vulnerable state will you be able to take true action using the intuitive whispers that come only when you need them most.

Is the NEW TRUTH program for you? Ask yourself these questions:

• Are you willing and ready to trust in new tools?
• Are you wondering when your light shut off?
• Are you capable of trusting in your intuition?
• Are you capable of becoming more embodied in the present moment?
• Are you really ready to be the “star” in your theater or the “yes” in your own life?
• Are you wondering what the heck your truth is?

The NEW TRUTH program is all about nourishment for your heart and soul. It’s all about life transformation, digging way deeper into your emotions and desires, and carving a path to your own brilliance……we all have it…..just sometimes it likes to play hide and seek.

Step by step, you’ll use self-reflection, self-exploration, and self-experimentation to find your truth:

• Awareness (Self-Reflection): Knowing your true desires and dreams and detoxing the self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that get in the way of making them a reality.

• Alignment (Self-Exploration): Creating new thought patterns and life practices that will guide you through life transformation and sustain you when you wander off.

• Action (Self-Experimentation): Expanding on the toolbox of knowledge you have and pairing it with courageous decision-making and steps forward that will bring you to your own truth – to living the life you desire and to making your vision a reality

This is a program for women who are ready to peel the layers back, experience an open heart, and say “yes” to themselves. In other words, it’s for anyone who knows there is more to experience in life!

My mantra is “to make today better than yesterday.”

Are You Ready?

The NEW TRUTH has been a culmination of all my studies and tools that I myself use!!!!!! If you have missed out on any of my programs, this is your chance to experience all of my teachings in one place, online.


Live Simple Clean and Whole

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