Old Ways Won’t Open New Doors

I shouldn’t of said that
Maybe I shouldn’t have not done that
I made the wrong decision
I am so pissed that I ate that
Maybe I am critical
Maybe I am judgmental
Only if I would have listened.

Let me introduce you to the mind of Jen Meister for the last week.  

What the heck was going on?

Yup, this is my ever wondering mind when I let go of important rituals that ground me…journaling, quiet reflection, singing, laughing, communicative, open, self love….

I spend 4 days a week coaching my beautiful clients on self love through nutritional and emotional wellness.  

I am not exempt from the so called “monkey brain”

My gift is experiencing life’s wonders under a microscope. Some may say that this is not a gift.  

For me, it is the gift that never stops giving. The more mindful and aware I am of my thoughts and actions the more interesting my journey becomes.  

So, back to last week.  

I had lots on my mind.  So instead of hearing the soft whisper of my intuition… “listen”, I basically covered my ears , and let my old programs take over my intuitive truth…messages that come from my heart, not my head.

We all have the special gift of “Self Love”….we also have the special gift of “Self Sabotage.”  

Whether it’s an addiction to food, alcohol, guilt, anger, or just being “the victim”..

It’s enough!!!  

Enough of that crap!!!  

Truthfully it is enough!!!   


The true gift is giving yourself a break, learning to give yourself the love and gratitude you deserve.

I have lead and guided hundreds of clients on the path to a Simple Clean and Whole Lifestyle.

Bridging the gap between Nutrition and Emotional Wellness.  That GAP is you!!!

For those of you who have “Shifted” with me, don’t forget I am creating an incredible “Truth” program for Shift graduates this upcoming New Year 2015.  For those of you who have interest in meeting yourself head on before the New Year….now is your chance….

Check it out….Doors close on Friday…


Stay tuned!!!  My monkey brain has started to rest itself on a banana, with pure insightful focus for the start of a delicious Shift program and the creation of “The Truth.”

xo jenTruth-image

Live Simple Clean and Whole

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