In the last few weeks, boy have I been a Scatterbrain….

Where is my phone?
Where did I put the order I just took down?
I can’t find my wallet!
What time is our meeting again?
Did I return that phone call yet?

Am I present?  Furthest from it…and I say that with a smile!!! Why am I smiling about this?
I am taking ownership of the fact that I am feeling uncomfortable as I am encountering a “Growth Spurt”.
In the past I would view not being present as a failure or a weakness….Now, I look at not being present as a Emotional Growth Spurt.
We all know what it is like to have a Growth Spurt. Think about when a child gradually goes through puberty
This is definitely an awkward time to say the least…Hey, we all went through it ourselves and got through it..
Development, Growth, Voice Change, Skin Disruptions, Uneasiness….to name a few. At that point in our lives, there was no way to fight it, we are in it for the long haul.
This is what I call the natural progression of life…

So, we go through the discomfort, take ownership of the change and reap the benefits of the outcome!

Being Present is a Life Journey:
It is not easy to catch yourself in the act of “Scatterbrain”…it took me some time to admit to myself that I needed to go back to the basics. When I took the step back, I realized I had to re visit a place of Discipline, Structure and Preparation. It made sense to adopt and accept the natural laws of growth in life.
The MIND is what holds us back from growth so we place excuses such as being a Scatterbrain in the place of the acceptance of growth.
I have spoken many times about about Discipline, Structure and Preparation pertaining to our foods and the same points apply to obtaining a State of Health and Emotional Well Being.

I can happily say that my  keys, wallet, calendar, phone orders now all have a place.
Now, I don’t need to use all of the scatterbrain alarms as an excuse to not move forward and be present….

Here is something to think about as we move into the New Year….
I ask you:
Is there a place in your life that needs more Discipline, Structure and Preparation to help you move forward and be more present?

Stay tuned for next weeks post….
Mark your calendar…Jan 9th
Sampling of the most incredibly delicious Organic Juices at Vita Organics!!!
Juicing Workshop dates to follow….

Would love to hear from you!!!
Happy Holidays….
xo jen

Live Simple Clean and Whole

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