There’s a Monkey in your BRAIN!

This freakin’ says it all!!!

We call this the Monkey Brain….you basically have to laugh out loud at this! We are all in the same mind set….yet we all strive for peace in our lives…

Here is the secret….

Acceptance & Awareness!

Our minds are doing their job. Thinking, expanding, contracting, wonderment, curiosity.. And judgement, criticism, anger, guilt…you get it..

  • What if we Accepted that these are the ups and downs of life?
  • What if we Accepted that we have old programs and patterns that need some loving?
  • What if we accepted that we are not going to be energetically connected to everyone that we come into contact with?
  • What if we accepted that we need to Rest, Relax, and Rejuvenate?
  • What if we accepted that what we are given in life is the truth?
  • What if we accepted that we have the TOOLS to be the best that we can be?
  • What if we accepted that we have Freedom and Choice?

I can just go on and on….This is all about Curiosity.. Think about that word.

Curiosity: a desire to know & learn

This is our brain… Curious as a Monkey!
And you know what? It’s all ok!

Take some time to look at these questions and be curious about your thoughts and judgements….

Try this: Take the time to answer a question per week….I am curious what comes up for you….

xo jen

Live Simple Clean and Whole

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