What IS in between a Thought and Goal?

Are you matching fast food to the likes of your life?

Indigestion, negative internal dialogue, inflammation,excuses, complaining, instant gratification, filling the void, moving quickly, bloat, looking for the destination, contorting, fixing, all for what end result?

No wonder why there are movies out like the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.

How about wonderment, curiosity, experiencing, exploring? Where has that all gone?

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

Maybe as simple as taking a different route to work, trying a new breakfast, sleeping late on a Sunday, taking yourself to lunch, trying a new workout, listening deeply to what your partner or children really have to say, or just smelling the clean fall air?

Our mindset has turned into getting all the little tasks done to fill a big end goal. I call this the mindset of Autopilot!!!

We are here for one reason and one reason only which is to go through the process of life with awareness, which means giving yourself the permission and choice to live your best life!

With all this said, all my readers know that my method of coaching in nutritional and emotional wellness comes from fascinating training and intuitively from my own life experiences.

Since my move I have been coaching clients remotely, so grateful for technology as it allows for a deep personal working connection. For the past 2 months I have also been immersing myself in Debbie Ford’s coaching method. It’s rocking my nutritional and emotional world. It actually has given me an even deeper profound appreciation that DIETS don’t work and that it is our own personal stories we create that hold us back, and keep us stuck! ugh!

What works is a Shift in your lifestyle. A shift in Nutrition, Physical body, Relationships, Career, and Spirituality.

Think of these areas as intertwined relationships, they have to have some type of respect for one another to create a life of Self Worth…..

Stick with me here….there is no finish line when it comes to life! It’s all in the Process….the decisions and choices we make that are either of service or disservice to our well being…..

What is in between a Thought and Goal?

Yup…it’s the process! Let’s get off autopilot and start driving our own decisions….

Take is slow, before moving with gusto on autopilot……

Ask yourself: What satiates me and or starves me when it pertains to my lifestyle choices of Nutrition, Relationships, Physical Body, Spirituality and Career…?

Watch for the road bumps, just make sure they gently knock you around instead of throwing you too far from your center.

So this brings me to the present season, Fall….now that the leaves are changing and ready to fall, I invite you to think about how YOU would like to Shift your lifestyle needs.

Fall is a time of letting go, shedding, change, and transition. Once it is over and winter moves in, all things start to hibernate and freeze.

Fall is the time to make a shift otherwise the extra baggage you did not shed in the fall will freeze in the winter months and show up for you in the Spring as we THAW out.

Therefore, if every Monday is diet day, and the excuses keep piling high…..Spring will only thaw out to the same excuses keeping you with a weighted down heavy backpack full of some crappy baggage!

Being mindful and aware is the process of Shift 21.

Lots of experiencing, exploring, and wondering when it comes to choosing what satiates you nutritionally and emotionally.

Shift 21 is 3 week online Simple Clean and Whole Nutrition and lifestyle program that has proven to be efficient and effective that you can use as a pillar to your overall Nutritional lifestyle.

I was worried that I wouldn’t follow through again, but once I saw the Week One plan, I was so happily surprised. The “build your own” meals was the perfect plan for me. I really impressed myself at how well I did and how after a few days, my sugar cravings were gone and I really didn’t feel deprived.

– Shift21 Member

Oh and by the way….

I am really excited to announce the Truth Program online led by ME! This program will be the deep emotional sibling to Shift 21.

Experience the profound effect your choices have on your overall Lifestyle…..This is a game changer!!!!

If you are interested and feeling ready please put yourself on the Truth list to be notified when the masterpiece is ready!!!




Live Simple Clean and Whole

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