What’s your story?


We actually all have a life story.

Our life story stems from our choice, patterns, habits and rituals. I can tell you from experience that years ago my story was…

I am too busy to make dinner
I am always rushing
I don’t take time for myself
My list of “to do’s” are piling up
I am tired
I need to better myself
I don’t have enough skills to fulfill my passion in life

Sound familiar?

The more I told this story the more it became a reality.  This became my truth.

After living this story book tale for way too long, I took a stand, made a choice to rewrite my book.  My story was getting old, and pages were fraying.  I imagined it sitting on a shelf at Barnes and Noble not selling.

We all have a story to tell, but sometimes we get stuck and become our story…

Think about your own story?

Do you have some pages that need to be tossed?
Is your story working for you or against you?
Is it empowering you or disabling you?

Become the author of your own story.  Through your experience and dedication to yourself, you might come out with a sequel. Imagine creating a brand new story that supports your visions and dreams.  Remember you are the only one who can define what role you play in your own life!

xo jen

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