Your Truth 2018!

Happy and Healthy New Year to you and your loved ones!

2018 is a big one for me! I will be turning “50” this summer!
With that said, it is my intention to turn 2018 up a notch!

What does that mean for me? Well, for me it’s all about practicing my 4 core values. My amazing business coach Jeanne Grabowski put me on this journey just a few weeks ago…..and I must say I am on fire…

My core values are the pieces of me that make me whole. They blend together to ground me each and every day. Not to say I don’t get ungrounded or knocked off my feet…because I DO!!!! I could not coach my clients unless I have experienced the dark, light, and somewhere in between….

I started to think of my 4 core values as a checklist to keep me healthy, open, alive, and fulfilled.

1. Physical Body & Nutrition:
I know that I must move my body daily to keep my flame burning.
Whether it be an exercise class, walk, hike, bike ride, day of cleaning….

This for me is a MUST! NO EXCUSES! It may be only for 10-30 minutes….I know that is it essential for my mental and emotional state.

Same goes for what I put into my body. Simple Clean and Whole Foods are my go to. 80 percent clean/20 percent are my splurges. Now this is not a rule of thumb 365 days a year. There are moments like NOW during the holidays where I slip down to 50/60/70 percent clean. It’s bound to happen to all of us.

How do I get back? Simple Clean and Whole tools…’s a practice….but before we practice any new discipline we must make the CHOICE & COMMITMENT

2. Family:
Like anything else Family is also a practice. A practice of Love, Compassion, and Patience. Yes, we all get thrown off our center when it comes to spending time with others. Especially when we have different opinions, thoughts and patterns.

How to make it work for us? Well, that’s the big question?

Some of you may agree it is a tough nut to crack while others find it effortless. The TRUTH is that we can not EXPECT others to change, we ourselves have to look in the mirror and do the work first.

Again, any practice and new discipline is a CHOICE & COMMITMENT

3. Self Expression:
I tend to Self Express very easily when it comes to helping others! I am sure you know that about me as a coach. On the contrary, I also tend to HOLD some emotions in when I feel like I am pushed against a wall. Conflict and

Confrontation is not my strong point. I also look at Self Expression as a tool to connection and communication. Coaching clients and teaching exercise classes are also a way for me to Self Express.

2018 for me will be about allowing myself to Self Express without the FEAR of conflict or confrontation. As the more I hold my expression the quicker my light begins to dim.

It’s all about the practice of CHOICE & COMMITMENT

4. Education:
Oh, do I love to be educated. Education is something that turns me on! I will tell you that being educated was not always my thing. When I allowed myself to express my passion for coaching……I wanted to learn more and more.

My belief is that sometimes old patterns, habits, and worn out labels hold us stuck in programs that do NOT allow our passions to shine through!


By the end of each day…..I ask myself….
Have I touched upon these 4 Core Values?
Each and everyday brings new insights, challenges and victories.
My core values are my Truth…which offers me unforeseen possibilities and opportunities to grow and continue to be nourished.

You may be thinking about how to chunk down your Core Values to uncover more of your TRUTH

Here is your opportunity!
Join me and a group of like minded women for the TRUTH!

Remember, you are not alone….healing is not a prescription. It is a way of perceiving yourself through trust, possibility and most of all clarity!

Let’s DO your TRUTH!
Xo jen

Live Simple Clean and Whole

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