Simple Clean and Whole has a 98% Client Retention Rate

There’s a reason why people love to work with Jen Meister. She’s knowledgeable (she has the credentials) relatable (she’s experienced everything she teaches), and reliable (the Simple Clean and Whole programs really do work).

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out the praise from Jen’s clients and see for yourself why so many people love to work with Jen and how they get consistently radical results from Simple Clean and Whole.

This program honestly changed my life, and seriously changed my body.

As I navigated my way through my new food reality, with all of Meister’s tools on how to keep myself on track, the results of the combined, coordinated effort to get back in shape was really paying off. Within 5 months, I lost 15 pounds and I don’t know how many inches. Let’s just say I have been buying a lot of new jeans!

I feel stronger. I feel leaner. I feel empowered by my new lifestyle on a daily basis. 

– Melissa

Jen guided me with passion and patience

Over the last couple of years I have been desperate to live a healthier lifestyle after dealing with a decade of health issues.  I always felt that my poor relationship with food contributed to my issues and searched to change this negative relationship.  I spoke with two health counselors over the past couple of years and learned a lot from them but it just didn’t stick.  Enter Jen Meister, and things immediately felt different.

Jen guided me through this entire process with passion and patience.  Ninety days later I was in a place where I felt better, looked better and made food a priority after learning I was a priority.  I was given a gift, a gift of clarity.  It all made sense and seemed to just all go together. Being a mother of two small children, I never anticipated this feeling.  I am so excited for the foundation that Jen has helped to lay down for me and look forward to all that lies ahead.  Jen is reliable, organized and amazing at what she does!  One of her biggest fans!

– Anonymous

I restored my sense of self-worth and re-ignited my light

As a busy mother of four small children, I became conditioned to put my needs on the back burner and lost a big part of myself. Working with Jen has restored my sense of self-worth and re-ignited my inner light. I was so afraid of seeming selfish, but with Jen’s guidance and living the practice with my kids the complete opposite has happened. My kids are feeding off my happiness and clarity and it’s contagious! There is a greater calm in the house and a true sense of living in the present. The benefits I have received working with Jen are innumerable (except the 3 inches I’ve lost off my thigh, which is such a bonus but so not the goal!!) Thank you so much for all the gifts you continue to bring me and the continued guidance as I move into a new chapter of my life!!! You’re amazing!!

– Jess

I found me

My journey started with reading Jen’s website. Next, I sent an e-mail to Jen explaining my personal situation. It’s not easy to admit you have an eating problem… especially when you’re successful in every other part of your life. I found throughout the process of working with Jen, that I can still have a busy life. I can still take care of my family’s needs. I can still do it all. IF I take care of myself first.  

The Simple Clean and Whole process was easy for me. My weekly video chats with Jen were motivating, fun and engaging. There are two things you need to understand — first, this is not a diet, it’s way of living, and second, you deserve it.  On my first day I wrote down 5 words on a piece of paper – these were my goals. My 5 words are healthy, fit, energetic, fun & me. I’ve achieved my goals. And yes, I lost weight – 21 pounds in 10 weeks.  But while I’ve lost weight, I’ve gained a new level of confidence, self esteem and determination.  I found me.


each time I participate, I gain new insight, tools and great recipes…

Thank you…again! 
As one of your “serial” cleansers I love that each time I participate, I gain new insight, tools, great recipes, inspiration and valuable nuggets of wisdom from your beautifully presented programs. Eating and living Simple, Clean & Whole really makes a difference. I have more energy during the day & sleep better at night…and just feel so much better all around with a sense of clarity & lightness. More mindful & aware – not just of food choices, but how I navigate through everyday life.

– Hilary

As an English teacher, I couldn’t help but think of this simile: Jen is like my GPS, directing me towards the correct route. It’s my responsibility as the driver to navigate the twists and turns and get to my destination. Thank you, Jen, for giving me the proper “tool box” to sustain this healthy lifestyle. I can’t tell you how much you’ve changed my life for the better.

– Marisa

Her holistic approach works

Using a truly holistic approach, Jen has been instrumental in helping me acquire the tools and motivation to change my relationship with food. What goes in my body has become important, although is just one part of the process. Journaling and positive affirmations are equally important. My weight is down over 30 pounds and my cholesterol and blood sugar have improved markedly. Once acclimated to her philosophy, her meal plans have become second nature. I strongly recommend her and all that she offers! You can rest assured you will be surprised how much you can accomplish.

– Steven

I cannot get enough

Jen is a WHOLE PERSON! She is so connected on every level with her mind, body, and spirit. The results of working with Jen were almost instantaneous and for the first time in my life, I feel like I am more healthy both physically and mentally. I can honestly say that 8 months after having my third child I am in the best shape of my life… a statement I never thought I would be able to say!

I cannot begin to emphasize how much it has changed my mind set regarding food and the importance of natural WHOLE foods. Food is truly our fuel and if we are fueling ourselves with the wrong things, we are literally breaking our bodies down. I cannot explain the power that I now feel over myself and my family. I have a new calm and peace when it comes to my life, simply by implementing the changes that I have learned from living simple, clean, and whole.

– Anonymous

The greater purpose of a healthy lifestyle

For years, I kept looking at nutrition and weight control as “achievement” that was validated by the scale. Growing up in California, I was always a health-conscious eater that focused on veggies and fruits. However, job stress and long commuting hours had their toll over the years and I no longer felt in control even though I was always “on a diet.” Jen taught me that many of the so called “diet” foods I made a habit of eating were doing more harm than good.

I looked forward to each and every session with Jen – a combination of therapy and a girl’s night out. With my trusted menu and shopping list, it made it easy to shop and prepare foods to bring with me to work. My energy and enthusiasm emerged and has led me to take other positive steps beyond nutrition and exercise.

Achievement is ego… whereas manifestation completely conveys inner being and understanding; learning for a greater purpose. Jen’s powerfully Simple Clean and Whole program, along with understanding how to stay “above” my emotional midline, has allowed me to focus on the greater purpose of a healthy lifestyle. I have so much gratitude for Jen.

– Anonymous

Grateful now more than ever

I have been working with Jen for a brief time but I feel that my old soul has been renewed and uncovered. My life is BIG and within its chaos I have embraced the grounding elements – those that bring me back to “my” basics. I have de-cluttered and have gone into re-program mode. Life to me now is not what I can’t have. I am aware and it all comes back to being grateful. I am daily stepping into my spotlight… its my audience, my plot, my details, mine.

As far as nutrition, I look forward to my shopping lists that Jen puts together. I have really enjoyed hunting down brand new items, such as millet and hemp seed. Every recommendation made for me, I absolutely love. I have made the commitment to nourish and feed myself and it really has been simple. Before now, I have not been able to allow myself to eat 3 meals plus 2 snacks per day. With Jen’s guidance and clear direction, I have found that my body is an efficient “engine” and this has allowed me to lose weight and literally feel the burn all day!

– Anonymous

The Best Gift

Jen has found the best gift of all… giving of herself. She shares her inner thoughts & feelings, follows her own path, and encourages so many others to expand and grow Into their own fulfilled journey. Jen is one incredible diamond with many facets that continues to shine!

– Eileen

I Rewrote My Story

I have spent the past ten years either getting pregnant, pregnant or nursing. Over the past seven years, my daughter had a life threatening illness that put her on a ventilator in the ICU for over two weeks, and my dad had cancer and various hospitalizations before he passed away. I have spent a lot of time taking care of everyone else. Simple, clean and whole was a gift that arrived at the perfect time. I knew that I needed to do something for myself and create new habits that would allow me to feel strong and healthy again. 

I realized that I needed a new story that was not about what I had been through over the past seven years and was more about the future.  I became aware of what made me feel good and what did not and I created boundaries to protect myself. I am so grateful for the strides I have made over the past six weeks and I look forward to maintaining my new rituals and habits. I feel strong, clean and healthy, proud and grateful. Thanks Jen, and thanks SCW.


Jen made me a believer

Over the last few years I have steadily gained a few pounds each year. I knew I had to change something, but each time I was determined to change, I failed. Like so many, I fell into a pattern of trying, failing, feeling bad about myself, and gaining more. Eventually, I stopped trying because I stopped believing in myself.

The Simple, Clean and Whole 90 Day Program helped me to believe in myself again. When I read others’ blogs before I decided to sign up, so many said, “it is not about the food.” I remember thinking, “How can it NOT be about the food?”  Jen made me a believer – it is SO not about the food. Jen helped me to see it is about self-love. It may sound a little silly to the outsider, but I have completely changed my relationship with food, because I have changed my relationship with myself. Before, food had power over me; it weighed heavy on me.  There were endless conversations in my head about what to eat, what not to eat, how awful I am for eating it… Now, it is just food.  I eat what helps me feel good. There are no more internal struggles. I am free of all that heaviness. I have Jen to thank for that.  I lost 15 pounds in 90 days, and that was the smallest of my accomplishments. Imagine that!

– Anonymous

Jen Tuned up all of my senses

Jen said to me recently, “We never know what life will give us, but we know what we can give life.” and it resonated with me. THANK YOU Jen for tuning up all my senses!!!

– Anne Marie


I have really enjoyed the cleanse, and feel I have gotten back on track. Life always has its challenges, so many things that take us away from focusing on us. The cleanse not only put me back on eating healthy, but also on taking time for me. Everything about your program is uplifting. Your beautiful web site and print outs, and your sincerity and knowledge. I lost 7 pounds, got back to my exercising routine, took my evening baths, and feel so much better. 

I hope we can do the next step together.

– Betty

Jen’s Philosophy is about so much more than food

I’ve always had to be “on”.  Through school, living in NYC and working as a nurse practitioner in an oncology unit, I always had energy – and I always had the energy to do more. I brought that same energy to parenting and making friends in a new town.  As I took on more and more though, I began to run out of steam.  Two kids later and still working long hours and weekends at the hospital, I was no longer able to maintain the energy and enthusiasm that had always defined me.  My energy was not sustainable for the life I wanted to live.

I felt overwhelmed and undernourished and realized that my diet of salads, cheese and diet coke was probably not helping.  As my energy level deteriorated, my caffeine intake increased.  I knew it wasn’t healthy and felt terrible most of the time, but I didn’t know how else to sustain myself.  Something needed to change and better nutrition seemed like the obvious place to start.

I was drawn to Jen’s message of simple, clean & whole.  I met with Jen privately and joined her 30-day program.  Two weeks later I felt great!  She took the time to understand what I wanted to change and designed an easy to follow plan for me to cultivate a more nourishing and wholesome diet for me and my family.  Over those 30 days, she introduced me to new foods, taught me great new recipes and helped me incorporate protein into every meal.  Nourished with better foods, I recovered the energy I was missing and realized I no longer needed diet coke to sustain me.

But Jen’s philosophy of simple, clean & whole is about so much more than food.  Our discussions expanded from meal plans to life plans as she helped me reflect on what is most important in life and where I wanted to devote my new found energy.  Two years later, I’ve scaled back at work and just celebrated our third child’s first birthday.  I still rely on Jen’s nutrition principles to nourish my family but have also simplified our family life to focus on those things that are most important to us.

– Lauren


Working with Jen Meister and the Simple Clean and Whole program has helped me shift to the person I want to be. When I look in the mirror I’m happy with who I see and have never felt better. As a NYC finance executive, mom, wife, homemaker, daughter, sister, and friend, my life runs at a fast pace.  Despite daily workouts with “healthy” eating, my body weight was standing still. I needed a jumpstart and was interested in learning more about SCW.

At first I approached it like another “diet” but quickly appreciated that this program is so much more. Its teaches you how to think about the food on your plate, while increasing awareness of your environment, relationships and the realization that the “food off your plate” is a meaningful part of the equation.  Throughout the program Jen Meister is your teacher, your truth teller, your friend.  Jen taught me to practice gratitude and if you can love yourself things will fall into place. I embraced this vulnerable mindset, and have been amazed at the results. Living Simple Clean and Whole, I am clearer on what makes me feel good. I am stronger, yet lighter. Softer.  I love who I have become. 
Thank you Jen!

– Anonymous


I decided to do Jen’s cleanse at the last minute, and I’m SO GLAD I did.  Not only was it beautifully packaged with scrumptious recipes and a super convenient shopping list and daily menu breakdown, but I also loved that it addressed non-food self care as well… the baths, the cleansing, the self love.  I slowed down, I gained awareness and felt calmer, lighter, and more even-keel than I had felt in ages.  It was also really nice to be connected to a network of participants so we could ask questions, check in, and hold each other accountable in times of weakness!  I can’t wait for the next one!

– Erika

This cleanse was life changing. I am so happy I decided to do it. I did it with a friend and that was huge. I hope I can sustain this way of eating throughout my life.

– Susan


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me reset, reboot and re-energize! I can’t tell you how wonderful I feel, not having put an ounce of crap put into my body for the past 10 days! It wasn’t easy – I had my good days and bad.  I dropped those 5 pounds, but I still have more work to do. I have officially coined myself a Jen Meister Groupie – I would guess there are a fair number of them. Can’t wait for the next program to continue the Simple Clean and Whole lifestyle

 – Katie


My gratitude to Jen for her constant inspiration and generosity of spirit, thanks to Gineane for her support in this program, and hugs to the cleansers who added laughter and camaraderie in our quest to be well. All the best. The proof that the change happened: I don’t want to add back in to my diet what we took out!

– Cynthia