The Power to Change is in You. Let’s Find It Together.

Private coaching (in-person or online) with Jen Meister can be truly transformational. It starts when you join Jen for a cup of tea in her office (or virtually) and together, you dive into your physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness needs and goals. Jen will guide you every step of the way as you create your own journey to a healthier and happier life.

Jen uses a custom approach with all of her clients to uncover what has been holding you back so you can embrace exactly what you need in your life (and get rid of what you don’t). No two clients’ journeys to this point have been the same, and no two journeys will be alike in the future. That’s why Jen tailors her guidance and the tools she provides to each individual.

You’ll end your one-on-one coaching session feeling more motivated so your chances for success are much higher than when you try to make lifestyle changes on your own.

“Transformation isn’t always easy. It will get uncomfortable. It’s my job – and true joy – to walk with you on your journey and point you down the path that leads to truth, authenticity, empowerment, and self-love.”
– Jen Meister

“From the moment we started I felt completely embraced by Jen. She built a program for me that included a food plan, exercise plan, and weekly coaching sessions. I was overweight by 50 pounds when I met Jen and could not seem to budge an ounce. Through Jen’s coaching, I started learning rituals that enabled me to manage each day successfully. The food plan was secondary to my new habits of journaling, meditating, and reviewing my weekly lesson daily.

Jen was motivating, encouraging, and straight forward. Jens ability to guide me was unique to any other food plan I had been on. All of her teachings came from a place of love and worthiness, components which were new to me. In eleven months I have lost 50 pounds.

I have eliminated two prescription medications and I have more energy, feel healthier, and feel stronger and more loving towards myself. I may have done the work but without my mentor Jen I would have never been able to identify the personal growth I needed to do.”


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