SHIFT Your Relationship with Food and Emotional Wellness so You’re Happier and Healthier than Ever

What would your mind, body, and life look like if you transformed your relationship between food and emotional wellness in six weeks? Would you be healthier? Lighter? Less stressed? Happier?

You can do it privately and confidently when you join Jen Meister’s SHIFT nutrition and lifestyle program!

This 6-week program is usually offered twice per year. This is where you and Jen dive deep to bridge the gap between your nutrition and emotional wellness. Jen mentors you throughout the program, so you’re constantly learning and always motivated to reach your ultimate brilliance!

As a SHIFT member, you’ll learn:

Portion control

Balance and moderation

What foods fuel you

What foods deplete you

And more

When you join SHIFT, you automatically get:

Easy meal plans and shopping lists

Food and exercise accountability journals

Simple Clean and Whole recipes

Action steps

Food and lifestyle tools

Access to Jen and the SHIFT community (you’re not alone!)

SHIFT is for You If…

You’re tired of leading a mediocre lifestyle when you know you should have better.

You crave being able to feel and exude your ultimate strength while shedding the physical and emotional weight.

You want to feed yourself foods that align with your body.

You want to get the tools and education you need to reveal the true you.

You desire to surround yourself with like-minded, encouraging people to support you on your journey.

You’re ready to give up all the excuses and stop waiting for the “right time.”

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“I am now able to say no or say yes to foods with out any guilt and how much of it… and that is personal for everyone!  It sounds cliche… although I lost to date about ten pounds, I gained a lot too. Confidence is a big one for me! And, how crucial it is to have self love and learning to let go. I feel empowered because I am stronger and more confident and I want to continue having awareness. Most importantly, I loved having this experience with Jen as my mentor!

– Erica