3 Weeks to Nutritional and Lifestyle Wellness

SHIFT 21 is a 3-week transformational food and lifestyle program that Jen Meister created to help you bridge the gaps between:

Where you are and where you want to be

Overwhelm and at ease

Exhaustion and energy

Guilt and freedom

Lost and confidently on your path

During your 21 day journey, you’ll shift from being weighed down to that sweet spot where your body and mind not only function… but thrive! You’ll go beyond your plate and cover every one of Jen’s Back to Basics Pillars for Health and Wellness: breath, water, sleep, nutrition, movement, and love.
Don’t worry! Jen’s job is to make your journey easy and manageable. The goal is to make slight changes (after all, that’s the definition of shift) that make big differences in your health and happiness.

You’ll learn how to:

Recognize thoughts and behaviors that are holding you back.

Revitalize those thoughts and behaviors with new information, fresh perspectives, and mindset shifts.

Reinforce your path to health and wellness through simple actions and breakthroughs using tools that will set you up for success on a lifetime journey.

You’ll get answers to questions like:

How much fat, protein, carbs, water, veggies, and greens do I really need?

What does organic really mean?

How do I know which foods are important to buy organic?

How do I choose foods and meals that are nourishing to my unique body?

How can I say yes to treats without feeling guilty?

And many more!

As a SHIFT 21 member, you’ll get:

Easy shopping lists

Simple meal plans

Answers to everyday questions about health and wellness

Guidance from Jen with weekly recordings

Essentials of portion control and balance

Meditation and lifestyle tips to stay on a successful path

Constant infusion of Simple Clean and Whole living with daily emails and Facebook updates

Refreshed perspective on how to shift habits and behaviors

Food and exercise support and accountability journals

Understanding of Simple Clean and Whole foods

Shift includes

How Does It Work?

– When you sign up, you receive a username and password to a private SHIFT 21 Members web page where you can download all of the program materials and access your exclusive program information.

– Your printable materials include easy meal building charts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Also included… shopping lists, cooking tips, and all you need to know about living Simple Clean and Whole!

– Throughout the three weeks, you’ll receive bite-sized daily emails from Jen with information, inspiration, accountability, and a challenge or prompt for the day.

– Each week, there will be a Recorded Coaching Session where we’ll go beyond the food and dig deeper into your emotions and lifestyles to discover the reasons behind your habits and self-sabotage. And… Jen will answer all of your burning questions of course!

– Each week, there will also be a recorded meditation that guides you into recognizing, revitalizing, and reinforcing – the key elements of a Simple Clean and Whole Lifestyle.

– The best part? You won’t be doing it alone! We’ll all hang out on the private group Facebook Page to connect, celebrate successes, get motivated, ask questions, and have fun!


When Do I Start?

SHIFT 21 starts when you’re ready! Since it’s a self-paced, 21-day program, it begins as soon as you register.

Who is It For?

SHIFT 21 is for everyone looking for a fresh perspective and guidance to health and wellness. Know that SHIFTs are about to happen! Come exactly as you are.

If you’ve been on the Simple Clean and Whole journey with Jen for a while, this program takes you deeper and gives you tools to launch you even further.

No More Excuses!

This program was designed specifically in response to many people asking Jen for daily guidance and accountability though a program longer than her cleanses but shorter than her 6-week traditional SHIFT program. You asked… and here it is!

SHIFT 21 leaves no room for you to feel like it’s too hard, too long or short, or like you’re doing it alone! This will be a complete DAILY infusion of Simple Clean and Whole into your life!

Are You Ready to Experience Growth, Freedom, and SHIFTs in Your Health and Wellness?

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”

Learn how to use your power to have healthier responses. Register for SHIFT 21 today!