A little peek into my Truth

For the past 5 years I have been coaching my clients nutritionally and emotionally through the ebb and flow of life’s offerings. My coaching style is to be honest, open, and to share some of my very own journey. This style allows me to be seen as imperfect and flawed. I have allowed myself to dive deep into unchartered waters of my awareness which has given me the opportunity to help others do the same.

Lately, I have been playing with the phrase,“What you Resist will Persist.” I kinda never understood it until now. With that phrase in mind, I would like to share with you how what I resisted in my life continued to persist until I took action into living my Truth, which is always evolving and shifting…

There is something about the truth that will really set you free.

Since my teens I suffered through many many days and nights of anxiety. A panic attack here and there…lots of irrational worrying, fear, and uncertainty. You can say that the only thing that would have cured the panic, anxiety and discomfort was to be PERFECT, have no fear in life, for everyone to be healthy, no conflict, big smiles and to always be happy. and if I got that…I would feel Safe, Secure and Stable.

What you Resist will Persist! Boy was that a lesson!

What I resisted was the Imperfection of life…so what was the result? Lots of imperfection through the underlying message of anxiety. The more I did not accept the dark side or imperfection the more dark and imperfect I got in my own world. The panic and anxiety was clearly the result of pushing away embracing Imperfection!

My practice of living Simple Clean and Whole is not about living only in the light of life. The TRUTH is that we need to sit in the dark, understand it, experience it, and play with it. There is a very beautiful gift waiting for us when we allow the messages in life to flow instead of pushing, shoving, and controlling perfection!

It’s not all about eating clean, having the most appropriate children, always looking good, saying the right things, and making your life shine like a crystal ball.

I think it is time to shed some of those perfect layers and get a little messy huh? If you are striving for perfection you are resisting messy, and when you resist messy you get really dirty….

So if you have been feeling down in the mud, and ready to wash off, I will be leading a phone call welcome to all in mid December…. Here’s what a Truth Graduate has to say about this program:

“Every week I’m feeling energetic and inspired. The class really pushed me to use my mind, heart and soul to make the changes that are important for me. The support and love of all of the women in the group without judgment was amazing.”


I will be covering and uncovering what it will be like to step into your very own truth!

Whether you are trying to perfect your food, the way you look, the job you hold, the kind of parent you are, the choices you are making and most of all what you are resisting that keeps persisting which is keeping you stuck!!!

If you are interested in joining the phone call just sign up below and you’ll be the first to know!
Much love and gratitude to you all on this Thanksgiving…