Rewrite Your Manual of Habits and Old Patterns

Imagine yourself with a heavy backpack on your back. You’ve been carrying it around for years and years. You’re used to it and it’s comfortable, but your back is starting to hurt. Your shoulders are becoming rounded. Your head is jutting forward, and you’re just physically and mentally tired.

Now, let’s take a look inside your backpack. You’ve stored so many things! Each day, week, month, and year, you’ve been adding to it, and you’re still adding to it! Some of those things are good, and some are not so good.

Think about the not so good things in your backpack. Why do you hang on to those not so good things for so very long? How are they serving you today? How heavy does your backpack feel?

They’re called your habits and old patterns. Your backpack is full of them, and they’re not all serving a positive purpose anymore.

Old Habits and Patterns Become Your Manual

What happens when you live by your habits and old patterns? They become your manual.

Your manual starts when you come into this world. Each time you hold onto something, you add a page, two pages, or maybe even a new chapter to your manual. By the time you’ve been following your manual for many years, it becomes your book. It’s your Bible—what you follow. It’s a ritual whether it serves you or not.

That book is in your backpack every day and you’re schlepping it around with you. Why? Because it has become your practice. It’s who you are and it has all the labels you’ve put on yourself—what you think of yourself and what others think about you.

Now, you might be wondering, “What the heck does this have to do with food, Jen? It sounds like all emotions.”

On the contrary, it starts with what you emotionally store in your backpack. When your backpack gets too heavy, you begin to choose your best distraction: FOOD. What can you soothe yourself with? What gives you comfort? What makes you feel better for a split second? The answer is food, food, food!

Step 1 to Lightening the Load: SHIFT Your Food

It shouldn’t come as a surprise at this point that one of the first steps you can take to rid your backpack of habits and old patterns that are weighing you down is to look at the food you’re ingesting.

When I coach my clients, I always start with cleaning up the crappy foods first. Once the load in your backpack is lighter, we can see what crud has been stuck on the bottom that’s keeping it so damn heavy! Who knows what’s hanging around in there? You can only find out if you cut out the food that’s making you feel like crap.

One of the best places to get started is with the most important meal of the day—breakfast. This is the meal that sets the tone for your entire day, so make it a good one! My new ebook, Simple Clean and Whole Breakfast Recipes, is filled with nutritious, easy-to-make, and delicious breakfast recipes that truly can get you on a path to SHIFT your food so you can change your life.

In total, you’ll get 25 breakfast recipes plus dozens more customizable recipes, a Simple Clean and Whole Food Journal, a shopping list, my personal tips, and more! There is no better way to start cleaning the junk out of your backpack than with these healthy Simple Clean and Whole recipes and tips!