SHIFT into Fall with a Plan that Works

As human beings, we live our lives negotiating our values and principles. Studies have shown that exercise and nutrition are the first things to go when life gets challenging. As a result, we feel deficient in self-care – a critical component of our overall emotional and physical wellbeing.

Declaring deficiency sounds like this:

  • I’m so uncomfortable in my body.
  • I overeat.
  • I over drink.
  • I can’t stop the cravings.
  • I’m too tired to get to class.
  • I’m embarrassed to show up for class feeling less than.
  • I’m too busy to start my day with breakfast.

Sound familiar?

Now, imagine putting yourself first for four weeks. How would you feel? Here’s your opportunity to do it!

SHIFT into Fall Challenge: Bar Method and Simple Clean and Whole Nutrition

If you commit to 30 days of taking care of yourself and creating good habits, I promise you WILL feel great! It really is that easy, and I’m teaming up with The Bar Method in Summit, New Jersey to show you how.

The SHIFT into Fall Challenge combines the most efficient, effective exercise program with nutritional support so you can shift to a healthier happier you. The challenge includes my special 4-week SHIFT program which will be delivered through a private Facebook Page open exclusively to challenge participants. You’ll get:

  • 30 days of unlimited classes at Bar Method in Summit, NJ
  • New weekly Simple Clean and Whole nutritional plans from me
  • Weekly inspirational videos from me
  • Menus, recipes, journals, shopping lists, tips, advice, and support

After hearing so much positive feedback from our last joint effort, Simple Clean and Whole and Summit Bar Method are pairing up once again to bring you this comprehensive program! This time, we’ve put together an event filled with new strategies for success.

The program runs from September 12 – October 9, and you can sign up here for just $399 (you have to register through the Bar Method website). You’ll get everything listed below plus daily tips and practices for living Simple Clean and Whole, which I’ll post directly to the private Facebook Page.

What Others are Saying about the Program

The SCW & Bar program completely changed how I looked at food. I learned to appreciate what I put in my body, without just eating as a necessity. While doing the 30 day program, in conjunction with taking 4 Bar classes per week, I felt empowered and strong My mind was clear and my body changed dramatically. I never felt better and I look forward to giving it another go!

– Jenna Smith, 40

I loved The Bar Method and SCW shift program last time it was offered! Jen M. taught me the importance of paying attention to what I eat, listening to my body, and learning to take care of myself, both physically and emotionally. Bar Method has taught me the power of positivity. The teachers and clients are an amazing community. I love what this program has done for my mind and body.

– Martha Lewis, 55

If You Don’t Live in the Summit, NJ Area

You can still make a SHIFT even if you’re not from New Jersey! I offer a 3-week, online SHIFT 21 program that you can sign up for at any time and start shifting your old stories, patterns, and habits into new sustainable ones.

Are you ready to rewrite your manual of old habits and patterns? Are you ready to transform your food and lifestyle so you can be happier and healthier than ever?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then now is your chance. Sign up for SHIFT into Fall Challenge, which includes the 4-week SHIFT program in tandem with exercise at The Bar Method in Summit, New Jersey, or sign up for the 3-week, 100% online SHIFT 21 program. It’s that easy!