When Was the Last Time You Had a Miracle Morning?

Have you ever had a miracle morning? When was your last miracle morning?

The reality is that very few of us have ever had a miracle morning, let alone multiple miracle mornings. I was the same way until I was introduced to The Miracle Morning: The Not So Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) by Hal Elrod.

I absolutely love this book.

Be Curious

Before I go any further, I have to let you know that when I coach people, I don’t coach on right or wrong. In my eyes and through my experiences, pretending to be right and pointing a finger at someone or something to be wrong is completely out of whack!

Instead, I see being curious between right or wrong. Naming yourself or another person right or wrong would be judgmental. This week, I want you to be curious.

What would it be like to respond to another person’s point of view rather than reacting? Maybe, you’d see another point of view, a possibility, or an opportunity. That’s what being curious is all about.

From Struggling Morning to Miracle Morning

Now that you’re curious, I want to get back to Hal Elrod’s first book, Miracle Morning. I’ll admit, when I first heard about this book, I was skeptical about getting everything done before 8am, which is actually in the title! Despite being skeptical, I was also curious, so I dove in with an open minded. And was I surprised!

What is it about the morning that makes us want to hit the snooze button, crawl out of bed, feel victimized by our everyday lives, and feel bloated from the food we ingest, not getting enough sleep, and worrying about money? Our stress levels are just sky high!

If you’ve worked with me before, then you already know that I’m a huge believer in ritual and structure to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Before I started to practice living a Simple Clean and Whole lifestyle, I woke up most mornings feeling tired, sluggish, bloated, congested worried, and really at a loss of purpose. Once I started to get going in the morning, those feelings would subside, but they didn’t disappear. They were definitely on the back burner.

What happens to most human beings is that we get so comfortable in the lives we’re living that we start to truly live below the midline. Once we’re living below the midline, we become anchored in soul sucking habits and patterns.

The Miracle Morning provides a tool to get you uncomfortable in a different routine so you can eventually move to a place of comfort that is beneficial to your overall health and well being. It’s not a Bible, it’s just a way for you to shake things up a bit. It’s a way to move out of a place of comfort that might be keeping you stuck in a state of possibilities and opportunities without actually seizing any of them!

A Client’s Story

I have a male, very successful client who took the same train to work every morning. He walked the same path on his way to work, stopped at the same vendor on the street for coffee, ordered from the same diner for breakfast, and continued his day in that pattern. After a while of this very midday, run of the mill day, he was tired, bored, unmotivated, cranky, and basically, walking through life asleep.

Even though he was compensated with money from his amazing career, he lacked the self-motivation of diving into his own passion and pursuing what makes him tick. Instead, living on that midline in life actually made his life very mediocre—even with all the money.

Eventually, he gained weight, had issues with going out for extra drinks, and wasn’t moving enough. And then, his relationships began to fade. He wasn’t living a Simple Clean and Whole lifestyle. And living Simple Clean and Whole isn’t just about food. It’s about what vice you use to distract yourself from the truth, just as my client was doing.

I introduced him to Miracle Morning. He made a 21-day commitment to take 80% of what resonated him most in the book and put himself to the test. One year later, he takes a different route to work every day. He stops at different vendors along the way, walks a bit at lunchtime, and goes to the gym before work.

This is a person who was a man of ritual. He was much too comfortable with his routine, and as a result, it anchored him below the midline in life. Eventually, he felt really stuck. This is exactly what can happen to all of us! I honor my client for his ability to be curious without judgment and to take another view.

Find Your Miracle Morning

Miracle Morning is filled with useful information, but you don’t have to take everything from the book and try to apply it to your own life. I believe in 80-20, which means you should open 80% of yourself up to being curious and keep 20% of the side of you that questions things. You need the 20% to learn from because being imperfect, making mistakes, and running into obstacles is where we find the best information.

Remember, there are so many ways to shift an old pattern into an entirely new habit!

Here are some of the points that I took from Miracle Morning:

  • I’m living more in my passion.
  • I lowered my stress levels.
  • I wake up with purpose.
  • I have more energy.
  • I have a desire to take care of myself.
  • I have increased accountability.

Whether you consider yourself or label yourself a “morning person,” this book is a great read. In fact, think about losing that label a bit and allowing some room to shift out of an old habit. Who knows? You might wake up to a whole new miracle morning!

What IS in between a Thought and Goal?

Are you matching fast food to the likes of your life?

Indigestion, negative internal dialogue, inflammation,excuses, complaining, instant gratification, filling the void, moving quickly, bloat, looking for the destination, contorting, fixing, all for what end result?

No wonder why there are movies out like the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.

How about wonderment, curiosity, experiencing, exploring? Where has that all gone?

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

Maybe as simple as taking a different route to work, trying a new breakfast, sleeping late on a Sunday, taking yourself to lunch, trying a new workout, listening deeply to what your partner or children really have to say, or just smelling the clean fall air?

Our mindset has turned into getting all the little tasks done to fill a big end goal. I call this the mindset of Autopilot!!!

We are here for one reason and one reason only which is to go through the process of life with awareness, which means giving yourself the permission and choice to live your best life!

With all this said, all my readers know that my method of coaching in nutritional and emotional wellness comes from fascinating training and intuitively from my own life experiences.

Since my move I have been coaching clients remotely, so grateful for technology as it allows for a deep personal working connection. For the past 2 months I have also been immersing myself in Debbie Ford’s coaching method. It’s rocking my nutritional and emotional world. It actually has given me an even deeper profound appreciation that DIETS don’t work and that it is our own personal stories we create that hold us back, and keep us stuck! ugh!

What works is a Shift in your lifestyle. A shift in Nutrition, Physical body, Relationships, Career, and Spirituality.

Think of these areas as intertwined relationships, they have to have some type of respect for one another to create a life of Self Worth…..

Stick with me here….there is no finish line when it comes to life! It’s all in the Process….the decisions and choices we make that are either of service or disservice to our well being…..

What is in between a Thought and Goal?

Yup…it’s the process! Let’s get off autopilot and start driving our own decisions….

Take is slow, before moving with gusto on autopilot……

Ask yourself: What satiates me and or starves me when it pertains to my lifestyle choices of Nutrition, Relationships, Physical Body, Spirituality and Career…?

Watch for the road bumps, just make sure they gently knock you around instead of throwing you too far from your center.

So this brings me to the present season, Fall….now that the leaves are changing and ready to fall, I invite you to think about how YOU would like to Shift your lifestyle needs.

Fall is a time of letting go, shedding, change, and transition. Once it is over and winter moves in, all things start to hibernate and freeze.

Fall is the time to make a shift otherwise the extra baggage you did not shed in the fall will freeze in the winter months and show up for you in the Spring as we THAW out.

Therefore, if every Monday is diet day, and the excuses keep piling high…..Spring will only thaw out to the same excuses keeping you with a weighted down heavy backpack full of some crappy baggage!

Being mindful and aware is the process of Shift 21.

Lots of experiencing, exploring, and wondering when it comes to choosing what satiates you nutritionally and emotionally.

Shift 21 is 3 week online Simple Clean and Whole Nutrition and lifestyle program that has proven to be efficient and effective that you can use as a pillar to your overall Nutritional lifestyle.

I was worried that I wouldn’t follow through again, but once I saw the Week One plan, I was so happily surprised. The “build your own” meals was the perfect plan for me. I really impressed myself at how well I did and how after a few days, my sugar cravings were gone and I really didn’t feel deprived.

– Shift21 Member

Oh and by the way….

I am really excited to announce the Truth Program online led by ME! This program will be the deep emotional sibling to Shift 21.

Experience the profound effect your choices have on your overall Lifestyle…..This is a game changer!!!!

If you are interested and feeling ready please put yourself on the Truth list to be notified when the masterpiece is ready!!!




[SCW – Guest Blog ] Mind Body Balance

Hey SCW Family… I hope this post is finding you all well….

Soaking up the Vitamin D & and the warmth of the summer sun!!!
As you all know I am in full transition…..taking in all of what life is inviting me to to experience….
Get ready….I will begin sharing my inspirations on this journey as I start to root down again.
With that said, I would like you to show case my friend and colleague Jill Gropper from Mind Body Balance….
I have been practicing grounding through Jill’s teachings as I begin to find balance and quiet among great movement.


At Mind Body Balance we integrate the mindfulness approach to living in the present moment through our beautiful god given breath. It is in those mindful moments where we begin to tap into our greatest source of inspiration and guidance. This will allow us to connect to the space that is deeply within us, our true self. It is in that moment that we begin to allow our inner guidance or intuition help us answer the questions we ask ourselves on a daily basis… Through cultivating a daily Spiritual Practice, we begin to set our intention for the day and use prayer and meditation as tools that will help guide us to owning our true purpose. The magic and the miracles occur when you begin to take aligned action towards various goals you may have, in many aspects of your beautiful life.

My Business and Lifestyle model a SCW Lifestyle in a way that energizes me. I stay PRESENT in my day and focus on my Simple needs, Clean eating and my Whole life. Through my daily meditation, healthy boundaries and rituals I practice, I am able to maintain clarity and balance. This is how I stay energized enlightened and healthy in both my Mind and Body!

My favorite aspects of living SCW are first and foremost my meditation, I will start my day with SIMPLE prayer and meditation and I will set my intention for the day through this daily practice. I enjoy eating CLEAN, because when you LOVE YOUR BODY you want to take care of it and when we eat to nourish not only our beautiful bodies but the beautiful soul that resides deep within you, your choices become easier and more thoughtful and the food becomes your friend not your enemy, its those conscious moments of mindful eating that we start to enjoy eating CLEAN healthy food and the natural satiation and nourishment you receive from your soul, feeds you way beyond your actual tangible FOOD… Physical fitness is a huge component in my daily practice, either cardio, strength, yoga and or any other form of movement becomes crucial for that balance in both the mind and body, we must keep our chakras and channels healthy and clear to receive the healthy energy, oxygen and gudiance we wish to receive.

My work and daily life requires me to live SCW. I am a teacher. To Teach Is To Learn… Everyday I am always learning something new and exciting.

My clients teach me. I observe myself and I learn. My teachers inspire me with their knowledge and enlightened energy. The world is my classroom, we must all begin to live SCW and be awake to the possibilities that as we live this way, we are guiding others NOW and the next generation to live a healthier more conscious balanced life.

My path to spiritual enlightenment began a few years ago, when I was introduced to my first teacher Gabrielle Bernstein at a workshop in NYC. Her powerful energy, her light, her spirit, it was all so MAGICAL. She held space for me to join her in that small room, to let me be myself and to explore various choices I never knew I had.

To possibly look at life through a different lens, a shift in my perspective to what I thought was the only way to live…
The rest is an ongoing journey, I have found my own path and have become my own GURU. My teachers energy is all around me, as are so many other magical energies I choose on a daily basis, they all guide me back home to my heart, my soul, the real me, where safety inner peace and TRUE SELF LOVE resides…

To begin a life that is SCW I suggest you begin by connecting with yourself… Tap into your true self and ask for guidance, my teacher says when we are relying on our own strength we are living in FEAR! I understand that more clearly now. We must make the choice to reach out for support and guidance and when we begin to ask ourselves for guidance we open up a new path to freedom, we are not alone anymore, we have connected to our true power within… This is when the real MIRACLES begin to happen. You will be guided to the right support and community that is built on trust, love and faith. Community is the key, SCW is a community that Mind Body Balance is delighted to be a part of!

We must be of service in our most authentic way, the world needs more love and light.

Jill’s website is currently under construction. To contact her you can email her or by following her on Instagram.