You NEED to hear this.

Ok, I am cutting right to the chase….

I will be offering a FREE LIVE 45 minute phone call

The phone call will be recorded if you can’t make the live one.

In my last post I wrote about, “What we Resist will Persist.” I was so happy to hear from so many of you as this phrase really resonated.

There has been something I have been noticing as a common thread throughout my coaching practice.

That is “Undelivered Communication.”

Undelivered Communication happens in many relationships that we hold near and dear to us. It has become a common theme for us to hold back our feelings, thoughts, and even appreciation for others in fear of rejection or judgment. This is where the idea of “people pleasing” comes in. Instead of taking care of our own individual needs & speaking out, we skip the topic of communication so we can avoid conflict. Conflict equals discomfort and we all know how being comfortable makes us happy!!!

What we Resist will Persist!! If we resist communication, conflict will persist….

My motto is, ”when you are communicating with others you are communicating with yourself.”

Undelivered Communication is the #1 cause of the breakdown of relationships though assumptions, judgments and negative thought patterns. Not only does it deteriorate relationships, it breeds anger, shame and blame. My belief is that if it scares you, or causes you discomfort…your best bet is to deliver the communication in a clear, direct, neutral and non blaming way.

Why deliver communication?

Because this is where your TRUTH lies. It is the deepest root we posses. Delivering communication is the water that feeds the root of who you are, your integrity, and your underlying TRUTH.

If you feel that it is time that you take responsibility for taking care of yourself in a clear, direct, neutral and non blaming way…you are going to LOVE this phone call.

We will be going over some of my most mind blowing teachings from some of my brilliant, amazing teachers.

I will be delivering communication that you won’t want to miss, and honestly I always love to share with a like-minded community!

Simple Clean and Whole believes that we all need to move deeper into our own journey to pave the way for awareness!