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My name is Meghan French. I’m a mama to three busy babes (ages 6, 2, and 7 months) and the owner of Fresh Paige, a graphic design & marketing company that works with fearless female entrepreneurs to create strategic brands that showcase the spirit of their businesses (and hearts).

1) How does your business model a SCW lifestyle?
Working with my clients who are health coaches, life coaches, relationship coaches and more has been nothing short of fabulous. I not only get to do what I love with design, but I have the pleasure of soaking up all of their knowledge and inspiration. The simple clean and whole lifestyle has seeped its way into the core of my life & business over the past 18+ months.

My business is always readily available; in every room of my home I am only a step away from the laptop screen. Simple Clean and Whole stresses the importance of balance and rest – two challenging topics for workaholics who love what they do! (Raise your hand if you’re like me!) I have found so much more joy – not to mention creativity and productivity – in my business over the past several months once I got intentional about balance and rest. The laptop is only open the three days a week now while the kids are at daycare and school. How life-changing this has been! (And we even have clean laundry! Most weeks.) Also, collaborating with two other amazing designers has been one of my best moves yet. Asking for help and forming a team around you when you are growing is key!
I am not perfect, and sometimes there are busier times – but I feel I have come so far on this journey of listening and doing what I, and my business, needs to thrive.

2) What are your favorite aspects of living SCW?
What I love about Simple Clean and Whole is that it goes beyond nutrition into spiritual and emotional wellness. The philosophies of self-love, practicing gratitude daily, and trusting your intuition have been central to the growth of my business and personal life. Jen has even incredibly supportive of my decision to take this summer off from work to get “back to my basics” and nurture my young family – cooking nutritiously, moving our bodies, and enjoying the outdoors and each other. This is something I would have not dreamed of doing even just a year ago. But now I can confidently trust that I know what is best and have the courage to give myself what I need. (Self-love to the max!) Plus, I can now trust that timing is everything and I have a future full of less busy years while the kids are older to write and design to my hearts content! (At least thats what everyone tells me. Hehe.)

3) How does your current lifestyle fit into the SCW model?
Simple is strange. Simple is hard. Simple is counter-cultural. And simple is awesome.
In a world where more is more and bigger is better, it is so easy to get sucked up in the hustle & whirlwind that most profess to be normal life. I have found myself so enticed by Jen’s message of simplicity.

In the spirit of simple, this girl who used to “not have time” to cook, much less read labels of what I feed myself and my family, has become so much more aware of the importance of eating whole, clean foods. I may not be perfect (who is?), but awareness is the first step into transforming habits. I so enjoy easy SWC recipes and telling my husband all my newfound facts while grocery shopping & cooking.

The same girl who thought cooking was bothersome and owning 40 pairs of shoes was necessary is now much farther down this simplicity-loving path that feels so healthy and right. Recently, my family was house hunting and made a pretty drastic decision. We had sold our home because it was time to “upsize.” We had not one, but two offers on a big 4-bedroom DIY-decorator’s dream house (that’s me). (Oh, and clearly we were indecisive because of the first offer and then the offer again a week later). But something about it just wasn’t sitting right in my soul.
On paper it seemed perfect. And maybe it could have worked. But through taking the time to listen to my intuition and having conversations with my husband about what we really want out of life, we decided to totally change directions and invest in a rental property. We’ll live in half and rent the other half out. Apparently this has been one of my husbands dreams/goals for years but he never thought I’d go for it (because, where would all the shoes… and toys… and other necessities go?). For some reason, my soul was much more excited and content about this idea of downsizing. Instead of projects and a large mortgage, I saw more time with my kids and financial freedom. (And a garage sale in my future.)

So right now, in addition to moving and then hopefully resting & recharging, my simple clean and whole looks like savoring mamahood – and the humility, servanthood, and yes – cooking! – that comes with it. And of course, continuing to design fun brands with beautiful women – because I truly come alive helping bring their messages into the world.

4) What put you on this path?
For several years I have had an inkling that there is more – better – in store for me in this life. That I was equipped with certain skills and passions for a reason and could really make a difference in the world somehow. But where to begin to uncover it all? More than happiness or anything else we claim to be searching for, I think at the core of life we all desire to find and live out our purpose. That is where happiness, joy, peace, gratitude and freedom stem from on their most satisfying levels. Meeting Jen about 18 months ago, as well as working with other amazing women, helped me better identify my own path and gifts and gave me a glimpse into a different way of living. I couldn’t be more grateful for the brave, bold women who dream and do and encourage and support and teach so that we can all be spurred on to discover and live our own purposeful path. It’s truly an ever-evolving and wild ride, but deeply satisfying.

5) What advice would you have for someone starting the practice of living SCW through your eyes?
If you want to start your Simple Clean and Whole journey – I would say just start! Don’t worry about perfection. Let Jen guide you. Start listening to yourself – your body, your spirit. Everyone thrives at different paces. Find your own unique stride and balance! And keep reassessing and making the necessary changes as your season of life changes.

I wish I could send you to a magnificent website to connect with me, but since I spend more time on building other people’s brands and changing diapers than on my own site, I’ll leave you with my instagram account where I try to showcase beauty in the everyday and joy in the mundane. It has copious amounts of my children’s squeezable cheeks on it and poetry sometimes if I’m so inspired. So, if you’re into that, join me at @freshpaige.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my SCW journey!

Lots of Love, Meg