Being Transparent

Did you know that deep inspiration from self or others and deep discomfort are what cause change?

I want you to really think about this. When you’re inspired from the inside out, something chemically happens to your being, to your cellular system, and to your cortisol levels.

There is a SHIFT.

On the other hand, when you’re in discomfort (which truly kinda sucks), it either causes you to go back to old patterns and habits or it gives you the opportunity to move forward.

Now, think about this. So many of us want to be idle. We want to stay in the same place. We don’t want to disturb the flow of life. Yes, I agree it’s great to just “be,” but like a parked car, idling means there is no movement.

I’m not suggesting that you put your foot to the gas pedal and just go, go, go without taking in your surroundings. On the contrary, I’m suggesting that you slowly put your life into drive and start noticing the beauty and excellence around you — whether it’s in your relationships, career, or surroundings.

Embracing Transparency through Honest and Truthfulness

It’s been seven years since I opened my practice of Simple Clean and Whole, LLC. It may look to you like everything is just perfect and moving along smoothly, and yes, at times it feels like an old glove full of knowledge and purpose. But then there are times when I’m stuck not knowing what will be. I’m sitting in park feeling paralyzed!

You feel me? I’m sure.

Have you ever felt this way at your job, when making family decisions, or in your relationships? I’m being completely transparent here, and I want you to be transparent with yourself, too.

Your SHIFT occurs when you recognize that you’re stuck and take steps to get unstuck. For me, those are the moments when I begin to take a step forward, and it’s like the heavens open up with new ideas and experiences falling from the sky.

I have not only experienced these feelings myself, but I’ve also experienced them alongside my clients. I call this transparency — being able to be honest and truthful with yourself.

Judgement and assumptions are what harden us and cloak us from our transparent being. I’ve seen many clients peel back incredible layers to their true essences once they let go of judgement and assumptions and embrace transparency. We all have what we need to be inspired or to go through deep discomfort only to see through to our beauty. My role is to help you get there.

What To Do When You’re Feeling Stuck

So what should you do when you’re feeling stuck? To help you move from idle to drive, here’s a little something to play with. Answer the following questions honestly and transparently:

  • What are the areas in your life that are keeping you stuck?
  • What are the areas in your life where you’re idling?
  • What are the areas in your life that inspire you?

Answering these questions with complete transparency will give you something to think about, chew on, and explore, so you can get unstuck, recognize your own truth, and start to experience your SHIFT.

Want to Learn More?

If you’re ready to take the next step in learning about your health, nutrition, and the Simple Clean and Whole lifestyle so you can make your own SHIFT, let’s work together!