Simple Clean and Whole Breakfast Recipes EBook is Now Available

I am so excited to announce that my new Simple Clean and Whole Breakfast Recipes EBook is now available!

This ebook has been such a long time coming! After years of being asked by clients to share my Simple Clean and Whole recipes, I finally pulled my thoughts together and wrote down some of my favorite breakfast recipes. In fact, I included 25 yummy and healthy breakfast recipes in this book, and I know you’ll love them as much as I do!

What’s Inside

In addition to the 25 breakfast recipes in this ebook, which I make for my family, my friends, and myself all the time, I also included five recipe charts. Each chart is focused on the Simple Clean and Whole food groups, so you can mix and match healthy ingredients to create dozens of additional personalized breakfast recipes!

My goal was to make sure there are delicious breakfast options for everyone in this book! I also made sure each recipe could be made quickly and easily, because I know how hard it is to find time to cook in the morning. The best part is that every recipe can be eaten on the go, so they’re perfect for busy moms, professionals, and teens!

To make it even simpler for you to eat a Simple Clean and Whole breakfast every morning, I also included a shopping list filled with the brands and products I cook with to make your trip to the grocery store as easy as possible. Use the recipes, shopping list, and the Simple Clean and Whole Breakfast Journal inside the book to track your journey. In total, you’ll get 50 pages of recipes, tools, and my personal stories and tips to keep things real.

Eat Healthier, Feel Happier, and Shed Those Extra Pounds

With the Simple Clean and Whole Breakfast Recipes Book, you can get on a path to change your life for just $19.99. You’ll learn how to eat healthy portions, proteins, grains, fruits, vegetables, and fats.

I divided the breakfast recipes in this book into five sections. Here’s a peek at some of the recipes you’ll get:


If you’re trying to live Simple Clean and Whole, you can’t go wrong with eggs!

  • Jen’s Favorite Egg Recipe
  • Sweet Potato Heaven
  • Easy Veggie Omelet


Did you know that avocados are full of fiber, low in sugar, and contain more nutrients than any other fruits?

  • Sesame Seed Avocado Toast
  • The Sunday Morning
  • The Mexican Flair

Nut Butter

Skippy isn’t the only choice, and it certainly isn’t a good choice!

  • Banana Peanut Butter Classic
  • Sunflower Delight
  • Simple Blueberry or Strawberry Sandwich


A nutrient-dense shake heals your gut and makes you feel satiated. Shakes are also a great way to sneak in ingredients or food groups that you have trouble balancing.

  • Coconut Banana Blueberry Go-To Shake
  • Cherry Vanilla Pie Shake
  • No Protein Powder Shake


The key is to mix and match these recipes! Add different fruits, fats, grains, proteins, and spices. You can leave out or add in whatever enhances your own palate.

  • Overnight Oats with Coconut, Almond, and Cacao
  • Cleansing Oatmeal
  • Spice It Up

Are You Ready to Live Simple Clean and Whole?

Living Simple Clean and Whole is a lifestyle. This is not a diet, but rather, it’s a way of living that shows through the recipes included in the Simple Clean and Whole Breakfast Recipes EBook.

I believe the best place to start your daily journey to living Simple Clean and Whole is with breakfast. The trick is finding ways to eat a nourishing breakfast when you’re pressed for time and rushing out the door. If you have the right ingredients in the pantry (use the shopping list included in the book to stock your own pantry) and give yourself just 10 extra minutes each morning, I promise you that the recipes in this book will change your life.

Of course, breakfast is just the first step. I’ll be developing additional recipe books for lunch, dinner, snacks, and more in the coming months, so stay tuned! I’ll show you exactly how I eat Simple Clean and Whole in these recipe books, and trust me; you can do it, too!