10 Lessons Learned While Practicing a Simple Clean and Whole Lifestyle

2017 is upon us, and I’d like to start this post by giving a big thank you to all of my private and group clients as well as my web followers. You’ve all been an inspiration to my practice this year, so with gratitude, thank you!

At the end of each year, I like to review the past 12 months of my journey living Simple Clean and Whole. I reflect on where I’ve been and where I’m going, and I think about the lessons I’ve learned along the way.

Now, I’d like to share some of my personal discoveries with you. Here are my top 10 lessons learned while practicing a Simple Clean and Whole lifestyle:

1. Be Impeccable with My Word

Have you ever read The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom? If not, I highly recommend it. Author Don Miguel Ruiz explains what he believes is the source of self-limiting beliefs that steal our happiness. He also provides a “code of conduct” that is intended to help readers experience improved freedom, happiness, and love.

“Be impeccable with your word,” is the first agreement from Ruiz’s book, and he considers it to be the first agreement to sustain healthy communication. I’ve learned to take a step back before I react to a situation. Rather than reacting, I ask myself what I want to get across in a truthful and honest way.

2. Don’t Assume

Don’t assume is another agreement from The Four Agreements. I always remember my mother saying, “Don’t assume. When you assume, you’re making an ass out of you and me!”

When you assume, you’re living in a false state of mind. It’s very common and easy to assume instead of being forthcoming in the practice of being impeccable with your word. See how these lessons integrate with one another?

3. Always Do Your Best

Always do your best is another agreement from The Four Agreements, and while it’s easy to say, “Always do your best,” it’s how you do your best that really matters. Ask yourself if you’re living up to what you believe is your best without the expectation of others’ perceived assumptions of what they think is your best.

We commonly get caught up in what others expect from us, which distracts us from what really nourishes us internally and externally.

4. Expectations Cause Fear

Doesn’t “expectation” sound harsh? When we expect an outcome and what actually happens doesn’t match with the expectation—that’s when fear sets in.

The next question I know you’re going to ask is, “How do you conquer lessening expectations?” The answer is through vision, which leads us to lesson five.

5. Vision and Action Cure Fear

Doesn’t “vision” sound so much softer than “expectation?” When you have a vision of yourself and a positive story you want to create, fear begins to lessen. Once you have a vision and the fear subsides, you’ll be propelled to take action.

What is your vision for 2017? Take the expectation out of it.

6. Have a Non-Negotiable List

Are you being too negotiable with yourself? When it comes to your nutrition and your life, you need to have a non-negotiable list!

What foods have you made negotiable in the past that have gotten you stuck in the nutritional pit? What foods will you put on your non-negotiable list for 2017? Let’s start with the non-foods like sugar (including those sneaky hidden sugars)!

7. Tidy Your Surroundings Means Tidying the Mind

As I’ve said before, the way you do one thing is the way you do most. If your surroundings are in disarray, it’s more than likely that your mind and body will follow.

To get back on track, you need to focus on your non-negotiables and the six basic principles of living simple clean and whole (you can review those in my Back to Basics Guide)!

8. Keep Your Rent High in Your Mind

Always be cognizant of how long you allow old patterns and stories to take space up in your brain. I call that low rent.

As you begin to have a vision that you’re non-negotiable with, the value of rental space in your mind goes up tremendously. Treat your mind like a palace. Take in your vision. I promise that it will become a reality with practice.

9. Listen to Your Vote, Not the Popular Vote

Understand that we all have an inner yes and no. Sometimes, you default to other people’s opinions in order to divert yourself from your own truth.

Don’t do it! Listen carefully to your inner yes and no, because you know best.

10. Surround Yourself with People, Things, and Places that Nourish Your Soul

This is your life. You come in alone, and you leave this beautiful earth alone. While you have the honor of being here, surround yourself with love—love that brings you happiness, joy, laughter, health, lessons to be learned, conflict to be resolved, and forgiveness.

What Lessons Did You Learn in 2016?

Think about the lessons you’ve learned over the past 12 months, and start working on your non-negotiable list and your vision (without expectation) for 2017 right now.

If you’re like me and information on food, nutrition, recipes, and lifestyle feeds your soul, you can purchase my ebook full of delicious breakfast recipes here. Want to go even further? Let’s work together!

Happy and healthy 2017!

3 Steps to Navigate Nutritional Detours

Imagine you’re driving down a street and you come to a construction site. The road is blocked, and you see there is a DETOUR. Now, I want you to keep that image in your mind.

In my practice of living Simple Clean and Whole, I come across many detours. My clients hit their own detours, too. When you hit a road block, you have three options to navigate it:

1. The Quick Fix Route

If you follow the Quick Fix Route (also known as “Instant Gratification”), you dismiss the detour and find the fastest way to get around it. Unfortunately, the result is to end up where you started.

So many of us want the quick fix solution to our problems and to get through the detours we face, but instant gratification keeps you stuck in a pattern that is just plain old CRAPPY!

2. The Below the Midline Route

When you follow the Below the Midline Route, you turn around and decide it’s not worth it to move around the detour. You end up exactly where you started. It’s not surprising that the Below the Midline Route is also known as “Feeling Crappy and Unfulfilled.”

Because you’re afraid to move towards the unknown, you default back to old patterns when you take the Below the Midline Route.

3. The Limitless Route

The Limitless Route is also known as being “Willing to Go Through the Process.” You take this route when you actually follow the detour. This is the only option that will propel you forward and get you to where you’re going.

This route is also the one that is least traveled. Why? The answer is simple. The Limitless Route takes time, patience, courage, and perseverance.

Follow the Limitless Route to SHIFT Your Life

The Limitless Route is the path that most of my clients need to go through to see SHIFTS in their overall lives. Of course, my primary focus is on driving down the Limitless Route when it comes to nutrition.

I often tell my clients to take one step at a time so traveling this route is less overwhelming. Imagine wanting to lose 5-50 pounds. Ugh! The feeling is dreadful! You feel like it will take a lifetime because there are so many attachments that you’ve created when it comes to food.

We all have food attachments that make it difficult to follow the Limitless Path. These attachments include labels like:

  • I’m a foody.
  • I need the sugar to balance my insulin levels.
  • Carbs are the enemy.
  • If I go to a work function or event, I feel bad not eating what is served.
  • Fat-free foods help you lose weight.
  • There is too much sugar in a banana. (I love that one.)

You get the picture.

Now, let’s look at the Limitless Route step-by-step, inch-by-inch, and day-by-day.

What would it be like to lose a pound per week? That would be 52 pounds for the year! Wow! That’s the Limitless Route! It’s the route of patience, time, courage, and perseverance.

When you shift your mindset from Instant Gratification and Below the Midline to self-caring along the Limitless Route, you enter and stay in the process of growth and transformation.

3 Steps to Move Through Nutritional Obstacles

When you take the Limitless Route, you can make real SHIFTS that change your life. However, it’s not the easiest path, and you will face obstacles. Here are three steps to help you move through the nutritional obstacles that you might face along the way.

1. Stay in the Process

Plan your meals out in advance. Prepare and pack your food, and when it’s time to eat, sit down while you’re eating.

2. Notice Your Self-Imposed Food Label

Take a look at the food labels listed above. What food label did you give to yourself? Now, you need to start to gently remove it.

Imagine that label is stuck to your chest with adhesive. Slowly and gently peel it off. Stay in the process. There is no instant gratification here nor is there turning back to old labels.

3. Replace Your Old Label with a New Label

As you peel off your old label, replace it with a new label. Do this for every label you’ve given yourself.

Here are some ideas for new, positive labels that you can give yourself:

  • Clean Eater
  • Prep Queen or King
  • Self-Care Advocate
  • Living the PROCESS
  • Loving the Detour

Have fun with this, and remember, humor is the recipe for health and healing!

What Comes Next?

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