Avoiding Those Sneaky Hidden Sugars (and My Favorite Nut Butters)

Oh, how we love you sugar. But oh, what you do to us physically and emotionally! The sooner you can kick the sugar habit, the better.

I talked about what all of the sugar (and other ingredients) in that brown fizzy water called soda do to you in “Put Down that Soda because It’s Killing You” (go back and read that article if you missed it), and today, I want to share some information about hidden sugars.

It’s really eye-opening to me when I hear a client say to me, “It’s really healthy, Jen. It has no sugar in it.” If it comes in a wrapper, I always ask to see the ingredient list because sugar can hide in many foods with an alias name. This always blows my mind!

Take a look at the chart below and see for yourself. Sugar is a master at disguising itself (or more accurately, manufacturers are masters at disguising sugar so consumers don’t notice it – whether that’s intentional or not doesn’t matter).


The reality is that the sugars in the above chart are laced in most of the foods that are not coming from the land, sea, or soil.

Now, I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer. Not every sugar on this list is a big fat NO. I believe that everything can be done in moderation and with balance, so let’s look at some smart choices that you can make.

Let’s Talk about Honey

The one alias for sugar that I absolutely love is honey. Now, there is are specific honeys that are more likely to raise your blood sugar levels FAST such as the conventional honey sold at your big box stores. They look like a cute bear (you know what I’m talking about without mentioning names).

It’s hard to resist those little bears, but they’re not a good choice. A much better choice is honey that is organic and/or raw, which has incredible health benefits! It’s anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial.

My favorite go-to honey lately is wild flower honey. It’s delicious and a good choice.

And that brings me to my favorite nut butters. Drumroll please…

My Favorite Nut Butter

Today, I’m introducing my all time, most simple, delicious, and clean nut butters!

Welcome Big Spoon Roasters to the roster of Simple Clean and Whole approved foods!

There is no refined sugar in Big Spoon Roasters. They sweeten their nut butter with wild flower honey. I truly have never come across a more delicious nut butter! This is a truthful, honest, and pure brand that exudes those qualities through its taste.

All Big Spoon Roasters products are handcrafted from scratch in Durham, North Carolina. They only make small batches of nut butters and bars using fresh and nutritious ingredients sourced from local and like-minded producers. I love that, but what I love even more is that every batch is made to order! That means these nut butters aren’t sitting on the shelf for months until someone buys them. Instead, your nut butter isn’t made until you place your order, so it’s as fresh, nutritious, and yummy as possible when you get it!

Listen to some of the nut butters Big Spoon Roasters makes: Peanut, Peanut Pecan, Peanut Cocoa, Almond Ginger, Espresso, Chai Spice, and more. Is your mouth watering? It’s hard to decide which one to choose first.

I can say this – everything I’ve tasted from Big Spoon Roasters has been delicious! Head on over to their website and go shopping. You won’t be disappointed!

Just Say “No” to Hidden Sugars

Please don’t let those alias sugars get in the way of eating Simple Clean and Whole foods. There are other options that are delicious! Big Spoon Roasters nut butters are a perfect example. Put down the Skippy and pick up a better choice!

If you’re like me and information on food, nutrition, recipes, and lifestyle feeds your soul, then let’s work together!