A little peek into my Truth

For the past 5 years I have been coaching my clients nutritionally and emotionally through the ebb and flow of life’s offerings. My coaching style is to be honest, open, and to share some of my very own journey. This style allows me to be seen as imperfect and flawed. I have allowed myself to dive deep into unchartered waters of my awareness which has given me the opportunity to help others do the same.

Lately, I have been playing with the phrase,“What you Resist will Persist.” I kinda never understood it until now. With that phrase in mind, I would like to share with you how what I resisted in my life continued to persist until I took action into living my Truth, which is always evolving and shifting…

There is something about the truth that will really set you free.

Since my teens I suffered through many many days and nights of anxiety. A panic attack here and there…lots of irrational worrying, fear, and uncertainty. You can say that the only thing that would have cured the panic, anxiety and discomfort was to be PERFECT, have no fear in life, for everyone to be healthy, no conflict, big smiles and to always be happy. and if I got that…I would feel Safe, Secure and Stable.

What you Resist will Persist! Boy was that a lesson!

What I resisted was the Imperfection of life…so what was the result? Lots of imperfection through the underlying message of anxiety. The more I did not accept the dark side or imperfection the more dark and imperfect I got in my own world. The panic and anxiety was clearly the result of pushing away embracing Imperfection!

My practice of living Simple Clean and Whole is not about living only in the light of life. The TRUTH is that we need to sit in the dark, understand it, experience it, and play with it. There is a very beautiful gift waiting for us when we allow the messages in life to flow instead of pushing, shoving, and controlling perfection!

It’s not all about eating clean, having the most appropriate children, always looking good, saying the right things, and making your life shine like a crystal ball.

I think it is time to shed some of those perfect layers and get a little messy huh? If you are striving for perfection you are resisting messy, and when you resist messy you get really dirty….

So if you have been feeling down in the mud, and ready to wash off, I will be leading a phone call welcome to all in mid December…. Here’s what a Truth Graduate has to say about this program:

“Every week I’m feeling energetic and inspired. The class really pushed me to use my mind, heart and soul to make the changes that are important for me. The support and love of all of the women in the group without judgment was amazing.”


I will be covering and uncovering what it will be like to step into your very own truth!

Whether you are trying to perfect your food, the way you look, the job you hold, the kind of parent you are, the choices you are making and most of all what you are resisting that keeps persisting which is keeping you stuck!!!

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Much love and gratitude to you all on this Thanksgiving…




Is putting ourselves first Selfish?

Is putting ourselves first Selfish?

I would say no to that, for sure….

When we put ourselves first it gives us the opportunity to give others the attention they deserve as well.

At times we feel so depleted that our well actually feels so freakin’ empty.

Have you ever heard of a people pleaser?

I am sure have, that was one of my many gifts of personal sabotage that I thought was a gift of power.

I thought if I always said YES, I would get some kind of reward…maybe in the form of recognition. As we try to please others we are actually displeasing ourselves with a whole lot of bullshit.

Here is the question I ask myself when I am in a situation with a pull towards people pleasing:

Am I standing in my power or am I trying to please another?

You know when someone asks you to do something that you really don’t want to do, and you say, “yes” (I know you know what I am talking about)….that is the moment you are giving your power away!

Some of you might say it is the right thing to do….but is it the right thing to do for yourself?

“Standing in our power requires us to let go of the need to make others like us and instead stand committed to honoring ourselves, even if our choices go against popular opinion”…Debbie Ford

Remember, saying NO to someone else means saying YES to yourself!

I would like to share this short exercise from, The Way of a Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover.

This exercise is my go to in making sure I am standing in my power without spreading myself too thin.

In a journal or a piece of paper, on the far-left side of the page, make a list of all the roles you play (mom, father, boss, girlfriend, cook, friend, son, daughter). Be sure to leave a few lines after each role.

Next to each one, list all the responsibilities you have in that role. When you’ve finished, number the roles from most important to least important.

Using a highlighter or a colored pencil, circle the top 3 roles to remind you where your heart most wants to focus when you start getting pulled in too many directions.

I like to focus first on the relationship with myself. There is no such thing as selfish when you are caring for yourself……!

Here is an example of my top 3 roles that keep me grounded in my personal power:

  1. Lover: I love to give and receive love. I must remember this is on the top of my list. When I am not loving myself, I am unable to love others fully
  2. Homemaker: Taking care of myself, the foods I ingest & create, the dedication to my home, love for Drew, Elly, Jack and puppies is what envelops my life with the energy I want to create & manifest
  3. Simple Clean and Whole Inspirer: I feed off of healing myself and offering my teachings to others.

This is a reminder when things get hectic for me what fills my tank and keeps ME healthy…

Now I know this sounds so peachy…..the truth is that it is THAT simple. The more you focus & practice on what fills you the more you will start to notice your daily living will start to shift…it’s a practice of living your truth not someone elses….

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Let the TRUTH set you free!!!!



What IS in between a Thought and Goal?

Are you matching fast food to the likes of your life?

Indigestion, negative internal dialogue, inflammation,excuses, complaining, instant gratification, filling the void, moving quickly, bloat, looking for the destination, contorting, fixing, all for what end result?

No wonder why there are movies out like the documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.

How about wonderment, curiosity, experiencing, exploring? Where has that all gone?

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone?

Maybe as simple as taking a different route to work, trying a new breakfast, sleeping late on a Sunday, taking yourself to lunch, trying a new workout, listening deeply to what your partner or children really have to say, or just smelling the clean fall air?

Our mindset has turned into getting all the little tasks done to fill a big end goal. I call this the mindset of Autopilot!!!

We are here for one reason and one reason only which is to go through the process of life with awareness, which means giving yourself the permission and choice to live your best life!

With all this said, all my readers know that my method of coaching in nutritional and emotional wellness comes from fascinating training and intuitively from my own life experiences.

Since my move I have been coaching clients remotely, so grateful for technology as it allows for a deep personal working connection. For the past 2 months I have also been immersing myself in Debbie Ford’s coaching method. It’s rocking my nutritional and emotional world. It actually has given me an even deeper profound appreciation that DIETS don’t work and that it is our own personal stories we create that hold us back, and keep us stuck! ugh!

What works is a Shift in your lifestyle. A shift in Nutrition, Physical body, Relationships, Career, and Spirituality.

Think of these areas as intertwined relationships, they have to have some type of respect for one another to create a life of Self Worth…..

Stick with me here….there is no finish line when it comes to life! It’s all in the Process….the decisions and choices we make that are either of service or disservice to our well being…..

What is in between a Thought and Goal?

Yup…it’s the process! Let’s get off autopilot and start driving our own decisions….

Take is slow, before moving with gusto on autopilot……

Ask yourself: What satiates me and or starves me when it pertains to my lifestyle choices of Nutrition, Relationships, Physical Body, Spirituality and Career…?

Watch for the road bumps, just make sure they gently knock you around instead of throwing you too far from your center.

So this brings me to the present season, Fall….now that the leaves are changing and ready to fall, I invite you to think about how YOU would like to Shift your lifestyle needs.

Fall is a time of letting go, shedding, change, and transition. Once it is over and winter moves in, all things start to hibernate and freeze.

Fall is the time to make a shift otherwise the extra baggage you did not shed in the fall will freeze in the winter months and show up for you in the Spring as we THAW out.

Therefore, if every Monday is diet day, and the excuses keep piling high…..Spring will only thaw out to the same excuses keeping you with a weighted down heavy backpack full of some crappy baggage!

Being mindful and aware is the process of Shift 21.

Lots of experiencing, exploring, and wondering when it comes to choosing what satiates you nutritionally and emotionally.

Shift 21 is 3 week online Simple Clean and Whole Nutrition and lifestyle program that has proven to be efficient and effective that you can use as a pillar to your overall Nutritional lifestyle.

I was worried that I wouldn’t follow through again, but once I saw the Week One plan, I was so happily surprised. The “build your own” meals was the perfect plan for me. I really impressed myself at how well I did and how after a few days, my sugar cravings were gone and I really didn’t feel deprived.

– Shift21 Member

Oh and by the way….

I am really excited to announce the Truth Program online led by ME! This program will be the deep emotional sibling to Shift 21.

Experience the profound effect your choices have on your overall Lifestyle…..This is a game changer!!!!

If you are interested and feeling ready please put yourself on the Truth list to be notified when the masterpiece is ready!!!




Let Vulnerability Lead You

I had an incredible experience this weekend without even planning it. Isn’t it so funny how the universe gives you exactly what you need when you least expect it?

In the next few weeks I will be moving from my home in Summit, New Jersey and settling into our new lifestyle living between New York and Colorado. (Most of my clients work with me through Skype, FaceTime or online group programs, so no matter where I am I can take you with me! I will certainly miss my locals, though!)

Talk about change, transition, and shifting. I got it all.

Experts say that whatever you preach/teach is what you will experience. Not only do you teach on these experiences, they will fall on your lap even if you don’t want them or haven’t planned them. For me, I have been teaching so much on life shifts & vulnerability – about bravely stepping into the unknown, embracing uncertainty, and seeing life as being an open-ended journey. Like the abyss… scary stuff! It truly takes vulnerability to access courage and compassion that comes with life shifts.

So, this weekend I walked into the unknown: a new home, a new space, a new town.

What I realized then that I had not foreseen was that I was beginning to go deeper and deeper into my teachings – in my own life.

It was time for me to do my own inner work of being vulnerable in a situation that jolts my belly and sends my intuition into doubt & fear (with my monkey mind on red alert.) Yes, I still have those moments! These are the moments that could either turn into a catastrophic hurricane (tossing you around and beating you down,) or a chance to turn inwards and grow.

While the old patterns and habits are knocking at my door, I have a choice. (Yup, we all have choices!) I can spin out of control and feed the hurricane with manmade wind – OR I can root down into my authentic belief system. Now, remember, the Simple Clean and Whole belief system was not always my system. My system used to be defined by anxiety.

The practice of living Simple Clean and Whole is not just about nutrition. It is a lifestyle practice. Part of the practice is always looking within, being gracious and loving and curious with myself.

I ask these 5 questions to bring me back to balance & moderation:

  1. What foods nourish me, even though I only want to ingest comfort food? (For me that would be sugar!)
  2. What kind of movement do I need to clear my head, when all I want to do is hibernate?
  3. What kind of people do I want to surround myself with, when all I want to do is hijack others to complain with me?
  4. What tools have I cultivated that help to ground me, when all I want to do is revert to my old negative ways?
  5. What truly makes me feel good? (Not just temporarily.)

For the next several blog posts I will be featuring women and men who also keep intentionally bringing themselves back to the Simple Clean and Whole lifestyle when all of life’s obstacles (like unknowns, new changes, and hurricanes!) keep getting thrown their way!

These individuals have touched my life in many ways and I can’t wait to share their stories with you. We are all in this together, and no one is exempt from finding their own way!

This summer, I will be digging deep into my new digs… making my house a home! I will also be working on the extended all-new online SHIFT program, AND…

Stay tuned for Simple Clean and Whole’s 7 day Farmers Market Cleanse in mid-July!!

Until then, let your vulnerability lead you to practice courage and compassion.

Stay tuned for my first guest next week, Meghan French. She is the unbelievable brand and web designer who I have been honored to share my vision with.

Cheers to being vulnerable!