3 Steps to Navigate Nutritional Detours

Imagine you’re driving down a street and you come to a construction site. The road is blocked, and you see there is a DETOUR. Now, I want you to keep that image in your mind.

In my practice of living Simple Clean and Whole, I come across many detours. My clients hit their own detours, too. When you hit a road block, you have three options to navigate it:

1. The Quick Fix Route

If you follow the Quick Fix Route (also known as “Instant Gratification”), you dismiss the detour and find the fastest way to get around it. Unfortunately, the result is to end up where you started.

So many of us want the quick fix solution to our problems and to get through the detours we face, but instant gratification keeps you stuck in a pattern that is just plain old CRAPPY!

2. The Below the Midline Route

When you follow the Below the Midline Route, you turn around and decide it’s not worth it to move around the detour. You end up exactly where you started. It’s not surprising that the Below the Midline Route is also known as “Feeling Crappy and Unfulfilled.”

Because you’re afraid to move towards the unknown, you default back to old patterns when you take the Below the Midline Route.

3. The Limitless Route

The Limitless Route is also known as being “Willing to Go Through the Process.” You take this route when you actually follow the detour. This is the only option that will propel you forward and get you to where you’re going.

This route is also the one that is least traveled. Why? The answer is simple. The Limitless Route takes time, patience, courage, and perseverance.

Follow the Limitless Route to SHIFT Your Life

The Limitless Route is the path that most of my clients need to go through to see SHIFTS in their overall lives. Of course, my primary focus is on driving down the Limitless Route when it comes to nutrition.

I often tell my clients to take one step at a time so traveling this route is less overwhelming. Imagine wanting to lose 5-50 pounds. Ugh! The feeling is dreadful! You feel like it will take a lifetime because there are so many attachments that you’ve created when it comes to food.

We all have food attachments that make it difficult to follow the Limitless Path. These attachments include labels like:

  • I’m a foody.
  • I need the sugar to balance my insulin levels.
  • Carbs are the enemy.
  • If I go to a work function or event, I feel bad not eating what is served.
  • Fat-free foods help you lose weight.
  • There is too much sugar in a banana. (I love that one.)

You get the picture.

Now, let’s look at the Limitless Route step-by-step, inch-by-inch, and day-by-day.

What would it be like to lose a pound per week? That would be 52 pounds for the year! Wow! That’s the Limitless Route! It’s the route of patience, time, courage, and perseverance.

When you shift your mindset from Instant Gratification and Below the Midline to self-caring along the Limitless Route, you enter and stay in the process of growth and transformation.

3 Steps to Move Through Nutritional Obstacles

When you take the Limitless Route, you can make real SHIFTS that change your life. However, it’s not the easiest path, and you will face obstacles. Here are three steps to help you move through the nutritional obstacles that you might face along the way.

1. Stay in the Process

Plan your meals out in advance. Prepare and pack your food, and when it’s time to eat, sit down while you’re eating.

2. Notice Your Self-Imposed Food Label

Take a look at the food labels listed above. What food label did you give to yourself? Now, you need to start to gently remove it.

Imagine that label is stuck to your chest with adhesive. Slowly and gently peel it off. Stay in the process. There is no instant gratification here nor is there turning back to old labels.

3. Replace Your Old Label with a New Label

As you peel off your old label, replace it with a new label. Do this for every label you’ve given yourself.

Here are some ideas for new, positive labels that you can give yourself:

  • Clean Eater
  • Prep Queen or King
  • Self-Care Advocate
  • Living the PROCESS
  • Loving the Detour

Have fun with this, and remember, humor is the recipe for health and healing!

What Comes Next?

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