Shiftin’ from Spring into Summer

Happy Spring!

I am writing first and foremost to say THANK YOU to my SHIFT 21 Participants who just completed their 21 Day Program!

Here are some of the things the SHIFTERs are sharing…

It really help me to get back to where I wanted to be and continue. Thank You!

I loved the daily emails! And I also loved that some included recipes, some with product information, and some with inspiration.

The simple step-by-step made it impossible to get wrong, and also made it clear how easy it really is to eat this way.

It’s not too late to get in on the SHIFTIN’ action.

In fact, this program is available on my website here all the time! Yes, that’s right – you can purchase this self-guided program and will have the materials delivered to your inbox! You will also get access to the private SHIFT 21 Facebook page for questions, support and lots of love! (I so enjoy connecting with my SHIFTER’s there!)

I have met so many new people in the past few weeks and am in 7th Heaven with the way we are learning from each other! I can’t thank you all enough for your passion and support for Simple Clean and Whole. You truly teach me so much while I am guiding you on this path. It is a two-way street!

Simple Clean and Whole keeps expanding… so many new cities and states (and countries!) are now represented since we can connect online. I am filled to the brim.

In the spirit of newness and expansion, I am expanding this all-new SHIFT program to a total of 6 weeks (think Mastery); The Why & How of Emotional Cleansing along with Physical.

The 6-Week Program will simply be called “SHIFT.” It will be mastery level online version of my past in person SHIFT program. It is based on my private coaching techniques, but written from the space within me that reaches out to ALL… as a simple, doable, self-paced program no matter where you live.

SHIFT 21 (available here) was all about nutrition while SHIFT embody and dive deeper into the juicy stuff… emotional wellness. (It’s all so connected, and three weeks just isn’t enough time to get to it all!)

For those who are interested in the mastery SHIFT program, watch our Facebook page, this blog and your inbox for an announcement in September.

Click here to see what SHIFT 21 is all about and jump in today if you want to experience the same amazing results as the current group. I’ll meet you in our private Facebook page later!

With anticipation of even more SHIFTS,