How to Move Past Your Fear of Being Vulnerable

Do you have a fear of being less than? Do you operate with an all or nothing mentality? The common denominator for most people in these situations is a fear of being vulnerable.

In other words, you’re afraid to make mistakes or show anyone (including yourself) that you’re less than perfect. You’re stuck on one side of the bridge between feeling limited or limitless.

Hanging out on the Limited to Limitless Bridge

The way you do one thing in life is usually how you do most things in your life. If you’re an all or nothing person, you’re either limited or limitless. Fear of being less than prevents us from crossing the bridge from limited to limitless.

For those of us with all or nothing mentalities who live on the limited mindset side of the bridge, once we cross to the limitless side, fear often pulls us back to the limited side once again.

What if we took some time to hang out on that bridge rather than jumping all the way from the extremes of living the limited mindset vs. limitless mindset?

What would it feel like to be uncomfortable on that bridge, somewhere in the middle, where there is no definite?

What would it feel like to be vulnerable?

We all need to become comfortable with vulnerability before we can take a step to move forward.

Pulling up the Shade and Taking off the Vulnerability Mask

When we have a fear of being vulnerable, we often hide behind masks so others can’t see our imperfections.

You can’t make positive transformations until you recognize and remove your mask. However, taking off your mask is something that has to be done slowly. You have to take it off little by little or you’ll end up pulling it right back on again as soon as you feel too uncomfortable.

The key is to hang out in the middle of your limited to limitless bridge where you’ll feel uncomfortable but not so out of place that you need to go back to your mask and your old habits. I coach my clients to use certain exercises so they can embrace vulnerability at the middle of the bridge rather than fearing it.

Imagine you have a remote control for a shade on yourself. Every day, press the up button and lift that shade a little bit. Track the incidents when you feel vulnerable. When you feel weighted down by emotions, it’s ok, take a breath….slowly lift up the shade, eventually you will find your place or shall I say balance. Most important is to recognize that this is a practice, just like eating well.  You will begin to feel more truthful. It’s a tough job to wear a mask everyday.  Imagine what it would be like to walk your talk….your real talk?  The negative physical effects that you were experiencing from your fear of being vulnerable will begin to improve.

Making a SHIFT

We all struggle with a fear of being vulnerable, but if that fear is doing harm to you emotionally or physically, then you need to make a shift so you can find you. Don’t let distractions get in the way and don’t allow your all or nothing way of thinking to become a label that defines you to yourself or to others.

You can make the SHIFT that you need to so you can get unstuck on the limited to limitless bridge and begin to move forward and embrace the balanced and happy life that you deserve!

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Shiftin’ from Spring into Summer

Happy Spring!

I am writing first and foremost to say THANK YOU to my SHIFT 21 Participants who just completed their 21 Day Program!

Here are some of the things the SHIFTERs are sharing…

It really help me to get back to where I wanted to be and continue. Thank You!

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