Eat Your Way to an Awesome Spring!

As the Winter comes to a close, (can I get an AMEN?!) it’s time to think about eating lighter, easily digestible foods! Foods that stabilize our blood sugar & release the stored fat cells from our heavy, cold winter.

While I like to change it up with the seasons in how I shop, cook, and eat, I never go on a “diet.” Eating clean really IS a lifestyle, not a diet! I encourage you to join me this spring and shift from a diet mentality to a simple, clean and whole lifestyle!

Here are some easy tips free your body from winter hibernation and move into a lightweight (and totally awesome) spring!

1. Lean in to Protein

Eating a serving of lean protein such as turkey, chicken, eggs or grass fed beef helps build healthy muscle while reduces your chances of storing FAT.

The reason it reduces fat is that protein stabilizes blood sugar. So, say good bye to those moody ups and downs & start leaning in with some lean protein!

2. Say Yes to Healthy Fat

Did you know that monounsaturated fats prevent fat pockets from forming while they rev up your blood flow? Well, they do! Start adding nuts, olive oil, avocado & my favorite… coconut oil.

Throw out the pam or oil aerosol sprays in exchange for a teaspoon of coconut oil while cooking eggs, roasting veggies, or sautéing your favorite grain.

3. Say No to the “C” in CRAP!

Crappy Carbohydrates. Yup: White Bread, White Pasta, Pretzels, Dinner Rolls, Sandwich Bread… ugh! Do you have bloat? Well, if you are eating processed carbs, it will stick around because they convert into fat, which causes the BLOAT.

Turn your spring into a healthy carbohydrate bonanza! Brown Rice, Quinoa, Millet, & Sweet Potatoes. All you need is a serving size: Just the size of your fist, its that easy! You truly don’t need more than that per day.

4. Sunshine Through Citrus

You know how sometimes you just feel like there is no circulation in your system? I definitely do! Sluggish, tired, bored & a lack of movement. That feeling is a reality: the more we choose to put preservatives in our body, the quicker the body will talk back to you with some of those shitty things to say.

Add some grapefruits, oranges, lemons and limes to your water, smoothies, and salads. Studies show that citrus fruits boost circulation which helps with fat storage… A little sunshine goes a long way!

Want more tips like these?

… IT’S COMING! I am working on creating a new program for spring called SHIFT 21!

Whaaaaatttt is this?

Well, I asked and you responded! My past Shifters want a longer “reset” than a cleanse. My past cleansers want a longer cleanse than just 10 days. And my new clients want to see what it would be like to spend 21 days together. This is how SHIFT 21 was born! This program is the perfect amount of time because it is a shorter commitment than the 6-Week traditional SHIFT program, while being longer and more in-depth than the typical seasonal cleanses. Plus, by popular demand, its all ONLINE, meaning you can participate from anywhere! It’s truly for EVERYONE! Did I mention that it takes 21 days to change a habit?

It’s coming!!! Watch for details soon!