Need To Lose Weight? Eliminate Your Daily Distractions!

Distractions. We all have them. They come in really handy when we’re consciously or unconsciously trying to avoid doing or thinking about certain things. Distractions are like big detour signs in our life stories. They cause us to default to behaviors that might not serve us well. For many of us, they’re a direct path to weight gain!

We all have stories in our lives — stories that we live by even if they don’t serve us anymore.

  • I’m lazy.
  • I’m a type A personality.
  • I’m an overeater.
  • I’m anxious.
  • I’m easily annoyed.

Sound familiar? Does your story truly serve you? Or is it a distraction?

Take a moment to think about what story you’re telling yourself that’s old, debilitating, and needs a refresh!

What’s My Story?

For the past year, I’ve been living a story that definitely does not serve me anymore, and the more I tell myself that story, the deeper I get stuck!

I’m an empty nester who has moved her life to two different states, and I’m in transition. I have to keep myself really business and bury myself in work to keep my mind off of the transition. If I don’t, I get really anxious!

My story felt really good for a while as it distracted me from me — from Jen, from myself. It gave me an excuse — a life excuse — a reason to give myself a break from working on myself, moving forward, and continuing my journey.

However, my story was also a big obstacle in the road. It was a detour that gave me the excuse to go back to old patterns and habits. I defaulted to my old storybook that actually needs to be taken out of the library and given to Good Will so someone else can learn from it.

What Did I Default To?

“I’ll start taking care of myself after the weekend.”

Have you ever said this to yourself as you allowed yourself to be distracted and default to your old story that no longer serves you? I’ve been doing it, but it never stops there. Most default stories include a lot of old habits and patterns that need to go.

I got distracted and fell back on my defaults. Suddenly, I was…

  • Drinking too much coffee (Ah, the 4pm latte break)
  • Overeating (and going for seconds!)
  • Telling myself it’s okay (“You’re going through a hard time.”)
  • Sugar (read more about that here)
  • Swedish fish became my good friend again
  • Giving myself that little extra treat
  • Believing an extra glass of wine won’t hurt
  • Not drinking enough water
  • Eating dinner and jumping into bed because I deserved to rest
  • Eating on the go or ordering in
  • Standing and eating
  • Skipping breakfast because I knew I’d have a big lunch
  • Getting too much or too little exercise to counterbalance my over-indulgence

And what was the outcome of these old habits and patterns? 8 pounds! Yup! It’s time to start telling myself the true story. It’s time to focus on my biography instead of fiction!

The Way You Do One Thing is How You Do Most

The paradigm “the way you do one thing is the way you do most” really set in for me recently. Not only was I defaulting back to a place of comfort with my food, but I was doing that in many areas of my life. And guess what that got me (aside from 8 pounds)? Tons of clutter!

If my food was cluttered, then my closet was overflowing! I began to overschedule myself as a distraction. You see, the truth is that we always look for a distraction when we feel discomfort. The secret in the sauce of life is to gather tools over time that you can keep in your “bounce-back” toolbox.

When you find yourself driving along the road of life and unexpectedly hit that big detour sign, which leads you on an alternate route, you can sit with the discomfort for as long as you need to. But once it gets too yucky, open up your bounce-back toolbox and get back on the route you were meant to be on which is growth, understanding, and self-care.

How I Got Back on Track (and So Can You)

The first step I took to get back on track was to focus on my six basic principles of living Simple Clean and Whole. You can review those in my Back to Basics Guide.

Next, I focused on my non-negotiables:

  • Drink half my body weight in ounces of water every day.
  • Get back to enjoying working out and do it 3-5 days per week.
  • Incorporate strength training into my workouts which helps me feel grounded. Plus, this is a must for women over 40 as we work on increasing bone density.
  • Schedule an hour a day of ME time whether it’s my morning ritual, lunch, exercise, or even bath time. I actually put my name on my calendar and block out that time!
  • Start my mornings off with a Simple Clean and Whole breakfast which is the smoothie included in my Whenever Cleanse.
  • Eat three nutrient-dense meals plus the option of two small snacks. I choose snacks from SHIFT 21.
  • No sugar!
  • Drink no more than one and a half cups of coffee per day.
  • Shut down all electronics by 8pm.
  • Limit social media to one hour each day even if I have to put a timer on to do it.
  • Get outside and take in the vitamin D.

See, even I go through the ebb and flow of life as I coach my clients. To be honest, no one is exempt. There is no perfection! If we don’t fall below the midline time and time again, we would never be able to rewrite our stories.

I have committed to my new storyline, and yes, at times I’ll be challenged — having dinners out, spending time with friends, traveling, enjoying celebrations, and just living life. We all have a choice, and you have the innate ability to choose your life of fiction or your true biography.

What’s your story?