Turn Stagnant Awareness Into Fearless Action

What is it like…

To continually make promises and commitments to yourself?

Such as committing to waking up in the morning feeling better or different?

And then what is it like…

To make a promise like this and then keep putting it off to the next day, week, or even month? (We are all guilty!)

Finally, what is it like…

To expect from others when we cannot even follow through ourselves?

Now that’s a big question!

We tend to want others to make different choices and lifestyle shifts… without owning our own “stuff” and making our own changes.

It’s truly easy to point out other’s downfalls.

If we take the time it also may be easy to recognize our own issues and desire to change.

But where most of us get stuck is we just sit in the awareness of our dissatisfaction. It’s HARD to stop focusing on others, to stop sitting complacent, and to finally take action!

Why the heck do we keep doing this?

It’s called FEAR!

That’s right. Good ’ole fear keeps coming around knocking on the door.

What’s the fear?

Well, if we actually step into ACTION and don’t seem to get the results we are looking for, we are programmed to call that failure!

And can you guess what I think about that? I call that FALSE!

Failure is just a story that we have made up, something that was given and expected of us as we grow in life. Something negative and bad to avoid at all costs. And since we don’t want to fail, we choose to not take action.

But… on the contrary, a wise man once told me, “Jen, we only learn from our losses, not our gains!”

These words have been guiding me in so many ways lately.

What if we lived like we truly believed that?

It is our right of passage to lose… to (gasp!) fail! Because the gift is in the loss.

How would we ever learn anything if we were always gaining? How could we ever fully appreciate the wins, the good times, the “nailed it!” feeling, if we didn’t have the failures to compare them to?

So, in the spirit of fearless action, I am not going to keep you siting in the awareness of your own stuff. I am going to ask you to take one small baby action step today towards your goal.

And now that you know failure isn’t such a bad thing after all, I dare you to start today.

Here’s some options for you…

  • Ingest whole, nourishing foods
  • Cut down on preservatives
  • Be kinder to yourself & others
  • Take a few extra minutes a day to simply breathe
  • Shut down facebook or instagram
  • Read a book just for fun
  • Wear pretty undergarments… for you!
  • Lather yourself in new cologne or perfume
  • Pick yourself up a small gift with meaning
  • Go to the gym
  • Smile at yourself in the mirror
  • Clean your closet
  • Pay your bills
  • Call an old friend
  • Take a bath
  • Kiss your loved ones
  • Set your alarm to finally wake up earlier tomorrow!

Remember… small action steps lead to big Shifts!

To being fearless,