Managing Symptoms isn’t Enough

Functional medicine is coming to Simple Clean and Whole! I’ve been accepted to the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy to become a Certified Functional Medicine Coach.

First, a little background…

Our society has been conditioned to manage symptoms rather than address the chronic problems that ail us. We’re reactive and “There’s a pill for that,” has become go-to quick fix – even when we don’t need a pill at all. For years, I’ve been working with clients to think beyond their symptoms. By living Simple Clean and Whole, you can be truly healthy and happy.

In fact, over the past two years, I’ve been thinking a lot about my next step in my journey of the practice of health and wellness. I’m constantly researching and learning about different techniques and solutions that support the Simple Clean and Whole philosophy. Functional medicine is one of those solutions.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine addresses the chronic conditions that contribute to the systems we too often treat with pills. It’s based on science and focuses on improving the systems within your body so you’ll eliminate symptoms once and for all.

Think of functional medicine as a patient-specific way for practitioners to deliver healthcare rather than relying on the disease-specific ways that we’re conditioned to follow. Not everyone who has a specific condition will respond to the same treatments. That’s exactly the gap that functional medicine fills.

My Interest in Functional Medicine

While studying and receiving a certificate at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York City years ago, I heard Dr. Mark Hyman speak about looking at a patient as a “whole” as opposed to as a “symptom.” Dr. Hyman is one of the leaders of the functional medicine field, and his words spoke loud and clear to me that day. If you’re like me, you grew up being treated with many courses of antibiotics for your symptoms. Dr. Hyman pioneered the field of functional medicine and I was hooked!

Through my coaching practice at Simple Clean and Whole, I have worked with many clients who expressed an end goal to relieve their pain and suffering, whether it be emotional or physical. My job is to coach them to uncover their brilliance, their untapped treasure. Everyone needs a support system, and it’s my job as a coach to ask the right questions so the client can come to a place of realization through the practice of awareness. It’s a “whole”-istic approach, just like functional medicine focuses on whole systems to relieve chronic conditions.

I believe and have been witness to the opportunity for your body to heal on its own through the ritual and practice of Self Love. I’ve witnessed many clients who have used conventional medicine to heal their nutritional and emotional discomforts which put them on a vicious cycle of chasing short-term relief. Throughout all of these experiences one thing has remained constant. There is no one-size-fits-all cure.

Functional medicine practitioners build strong relationships with clients and develop highly personalized programs for them. The ideology matches that of Simply Clean and Whole where nothing is considered in isolation. Functional medicine dives deep – beneath the tip of the iceberg that symptomatic healthcare provides – to find imbalances in the body’s systems and treat the root causes of the resulting symptoms. Ultimately, functional medicine offers better chances for resolving long-term health challenges so clients can achieve true optimal health. Again, it’s a perfect match for Simple Clean and Whole!

Bringing Functional Medicine to Simple Clean and Whole

I’ll be working over the next 12 months to obtain my certification as a Functional Medicine Coach. I am thrilled to have been accepted into the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and can’t wait to start learning from its renowned teachers.

As I coach my clients towards health and wellness, I am in turn coaching myself. The more education I receive, the more information I can put into my clients’ toolboxes to support them on their journeys to whole-body and mind health. I’ll keep you updated about everything I’m learning about functional medicine here on the Simple Clean and Whole blog. Stay tuned.