What’s NEW with me?

Happy June! I’ve been receiving lots of emails and inquiries from new and prospective clients asking if I’m still practicing my coaching since I’m moving between Colorado and Long Island. Yes, I am!  Be sure to go to the read the last paragraph….Something from me!

People have been asking if I’m still coaching clients because I haven’t put out my seasonal group cleanses yet this year. But remember, my Simple Clean and Whole SHIFT 21 program is always available and live on my website where you can be a part either privately with me or do it yourself. Think of SHIFT 21 as the entry level to working with me and helping you understand that cleaning out your gut leads to cleaning out your lifestyle.

My belief is that in order to truly SHIFT, we must always start with what we’re ingesting nutritionally. I always say that not everything you ingest will digest. That includes both food and emotions. Once your gut is on its way to healing, we’re able to access lifestyle obstacles that may be keeping you in idle.

The Intersection of Positive Psychology and Functional Medicine

When I’m working with coaching clients, I don’t dig into the old, deep emotional roots as much as I provide tools to you, and I support you to lift yourself up above the midline. This is called positive psychology, which I’m in the midst of studying with the Institute of Functional Medicine. Positive psychology is the science of well-being, and it appeals to me because it focuses on what we do well.

There has been so much research conducted that shows when we tap into our character strengths (especially through the coaching process), we improve engagement. Work engagement goes up, energy levels increase, and people report higher levels of resiliency and achievement. People actually achieve their goals more quickly when they use their character strengths. This is positive psychology, and it pairs perfectly with Functional Medicine, which looks at the body as a whole, not a half. Everything is completely intertwined whether we like it or not.

Always harking back to what does your lifestyle look like? Is it working for you? Are you missing something that is keeping you unbalanced? Could it be that you want to go back to work? Live a cleaner lifestyle? Move your body with ease? Be more mindful of your reactions? Dig deeper into your truth? All of these questions are intertwined within us!

With that said, I have a deep understanding of nutrition and the food we ingest and an even deeper understanding of food and emotions making up a balanced body. I strongly believe that every diet on this planet works. The real issue is what most people do once they lose weight. Studies show that 80-85 percent of weight is gained back within a year if not shorter. Why? SUPPORT!

What supports weight loss? The answer is understanding what makes you tick as an individual. Sure, calories in and calories out matters, but did you know that the extra weight you’re carrying could be sticking to you because of the emotional weight you’re carrying? Whether it’s your environment, the people you hang out with, your job, love life, children, and so on, food becomes a distraction to dealing with what is right in front of your eyes, which is your TRUTH.

Ready to Access Your Positive Character Strengths?

I’ve been working with my clients on accessing their positive character strengths as tools to keep them up above the midline. This includes finding a way to access our strengths, which makes us more aware of what is strong and worth nourishing within ourselves. To help my clients in this process, I’ve been asking them to take a free test using an amazing tool, and you can take the test, too. It identifies how aware you are of your own character strengths. I’d also like to share my positive psychology text book with you, Character Strengths Matter, so you can learn even more!

Now, what do you do with all of this information? My practice is one with great depth and passion. I work privately by Skype, FaceTime, or phone with clients from all parts of the country. Last summer, I led a one-day retreat called “The Truth” which was very well received. Some were not able to make it live and have asked me to do a small live online program. I say “small” because I’m practicing deep transformative work and feel that I can only give my full expertise to small groups at a time.

I’m in the midst of putting this online program together, and it will include a seven-day SHIFT Clean Up while we’re shifting our Truth as well as group and weekly private sessions to deepen your true understanding of what really lights your fire. If you’re interested, please email me at jen@simplecleanandwhole.com for details.