SHIFT into Fall with a Plan that Works

As human beings, we live our lives negotiating our values and principles. Studies have shown that exercise and nutrition are the first things to go when life gets challenging. As a result, we feel deficient in self-care – a critical component of our overall emotional and physical wellbeing.

Declaring deficiency sounds like this:

  • I’m so uncomfortable in my body.
  • I overeat.
  • I over drink.
  • I can’t stop the cravings.
  • I’m too tired to get to class.
  • I’m embarrassed to show up for class feeling less than.
  • I’m too busy to start my day with breakfast.

Sound familiar?

Now, imagine putting yourself first for four weeks. How would you feel? Here’s your opportunity to do it!

SHIFT into Fall Challenge: Bar Method and Simple Clean and Whole Nutrition

If you commit to 30 days of taking care of yourself and creating good habits, I promise you WILL feel great! It really is that easy, and I’m teaming up with The Bar Method in Summit, New Jersey to show you how.

The SHIFT into Fall Challenge combines the most efficient, effective exercise program with nutritional support so you can shift to a healthier happier you. The challenge includes my special 4-week SHIFT program which will be delivered through a private Facebook Page open exclusively to challenge participants. You’ll get:

  • 30 days of unlimited classes at Bar Method in Summit, NJ
  • New weekly Simple Clean and Whole nutritional plans from me
  • Weekly inspirational videos from me
  • Menus, recipes, journals, shopping lists, tips, advice, and support

After hearing so much positive feedback from our last joint effort, Simple Clean and Whole and Summit Bar Method are pairing up once again to bring you this comprehensive program! This time, we’ve put together an event filled with new strategies for success.

The program runs from September 12 – October 9, and you can sign up here for just $399 (you have to register through the Bar Method website). You’ll get everything listed below plus daily tips and practices for living Simple Clean and Whole, which I’ll post directly to the private Facebook Page.

What Others are Saying about the Program

The SCW & Bar program completely changed how I looked at food. I learned to appreciate what I put in my body, without just eating as a necessity. While doing the 30 day program, in conjunction with taking 4 Bar classes per week, I felt empowered and strong My mind was clear and my body changed dramatically. I never felt better and I look forward to giving it another go!

– Jenna Smith, 40

I loved The Bar Method and SCW shift program last time it was offered! Jen M. taught me the importance of paying attention to what I eat, listening to my body, and learning to take care of myself, both physically and emotionally. Bar Method has taught me the power of positivity. The teachers and clients are an amazing community. I love what this program has done for my mind and body.

– Martha Lewis, 55

If You Don’t Live in the Summit, NJ Area

You can still make a SHIFT even if you’re not from New Jersey! I offer a 3-week, online SHIFT 21 program that you can sign up for at any time and start shifting your old stories, patterns, and habits into new sustainable ones.

Are you ready to rewrite your manual of old habits and patterns? Are you ready to transform your food and lifestyle so you can be happier and healthier than ever?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then now is your chance. Sign up for SHIFT into Fall Challenge, which includes the 4-week SHIFT program in tandem with exercise at The Bar Method in Summit, New Jersey, or sign up for the 3-week, 100% online SHIFT 21 program. It’s that easy!

A little peek into my Truth

For the past 5 years I have been coaching my clients nutritionally and emotionally through the ebb and flow of life’s offerings. My coaching style is to be honest, open, and to share some of my very own journey. This style allows me to be seen as imperfect and flawed. I have allowed myself to dive deep into unchartered waters of my awareness which has given me the opportunity to help others do the same.

Lately, I have been playing with the phrase,“What you Resist will Persist.” I kinda never understood it until now. With that phrase in mind, I would like to share with you how what I resisted in my life continued to persist until I took action into living my Truth, which is always evolving and shifting…

There is something about the truth that will really set you free.

Since my teens I suffered through many many days and nights of anxiety. A panic attack here and there…lots of irrational worrying, fear, and uncertainty. You can say that the only thing that would have cured the panic, anxiety and discomfort was to be PERFECT, have no fear in life, for everyone to be healthy, no conflict, big smiles and to always be happy. and if I got that…I would feel Safe, Secure and Stable.

What you Resist will Persist! Boy was that a lesson!

What I resisted was the Imperfection of life…so what was the result? Lots of imperfection through the underlying message of anxiety. The more I did not accept the dark side or imperfection the more dark and imperfect I got in my own world. The panic and anxiety was clearly the result of pushing away embracing Imperfection!

My practice of living Simple Clean and Whole is not about living only in the light of life. The TRUTH is that we need to sit in the dark, understand it, experience it, and play with it. There is a very beautiful gift waiting for us when we allow the messages in life to flow instead of pushing, shoving, and controlling perfection!

It’s not all about eating clean, having the most appropriate children, always looking good, saying the right things, and making your life shine like a crystal ball.

I think it is time to shed some of those perfect layers and get a little messy huh? If you are striving for perfection you are resisting messy, and when you resist messy you get really dirty….

So if you have been feeling down in the mud, and ready to wash off, I will be leading a phone call welcome to all in mid December…. Here’s what a Truth Graduate has to say about this program:

“Every week I’m feeling energetic and inspired. The class really pushed me to use my mind, heart and soul to make the changes that are important for me. The support and love of all of the women in the group without judgment was amazing.”


I will be covering and uncovering what it will be like to step into your very own truth!

Whether you are trying to perfect your food, the way you look, the job you hold, the kind of parent you are, the choices you are making and most of all what you are resisting that keeps persisting which is keeping you stuck!!!

If you are interested in joining the phone call just sign up below and you’ll be the first to know!
Much love and gratitude to you all on this Thanksgiving…




Is putting ourselves first Selfish?

Is putting ourselves first Selfish?

I would say no to that, for sure….

When we put ourselves first it gives us the opportunity to give others the attention they deserve as well.

At times we feel so depleted that our well actually feels so freakin’ empty.

Have you ever heard of a people pleaser?

I am sure have, that was one of my many gifts of personal sabotage that I thought was a gift of power.

I thought if I always said YES, I would get some kind of reward…maybe in the form of recognition. As we try to please others we are actually displeasing ourselves with a whole lot of bullshit.

Here is the question I ask myself when I am in a situation with a pull towards people pleasing:

Am I standing in my power or am I trying to please another?

You know when someone asks you to do something that you really don’t want to do, and you say, “yes” (I know you know what I am talking about)….that is the moment you are giving your power away!

Some of you might say it is the right thing to do….but is it the right thing to do for yourself?

“Standing in our power requires us to let go of the need to make others like us and instead stand committed to honoring ourselves, even if our choices go against popular opinion”…Debbie Ford

Remember, saying NO to someone else means saying YES to yourself!

I would like to share this short exercise from, The Way of a Happy Woman by Sara Avant Stover.

This exercise is my go to in making sure I am standing in my power without spreading myself too thin.

In a journal or a piece of paper, on the far-left side of the page, make a list of all the roles you play (mom, father, boss, girlfriend, cook, friend, son, daughter). Be sure to leave a few lines after each role.

Next to each one, list all the responsibilities you have in that role. When you’ve finished, number the roles from most important to least important.

Using a highlighter or a colored pencil, circle the top 3 roles to remind you where your heart most wants to focus when you start getting pulled in too many directions.

I like to focus first on the relationship with myself. There is no such thing as selfish when you are caring for yourself……!

Here is an example of my top 3 roles that keep me grounded in my personal power:

  1. Lover: I love to give and receive love. I must remember this is on the top of my list. When I am not loving myself, I am unable to love others fully
  2. Homemaker: Taking care of myself, the foods I ingest & create, the dedication to my home, love for Drew, Elly, Jack and puppies is what envelops my life with the energy I want to create & manifest
  3. Simple Clean and Whole Inspirer: I feed off of healing myself and offering my teachings to others.

This is a reminder when things get hectic for me what fills my tank and keeps ME healthy…

Now I know this sounds so peachy…..the truth is that it is THAT simple. The more you focus & practice on what fills you the more you will start to notice your daily living will start to shift…it’s a practice of living your truth not someone elses….

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Let the TRUTH set you free!!!!