The 5 Day Whenever Cleanse


The ideal cleanse for you to do Whenever! Easy to follow meal planning charts and delicious recipes that allow you to cleanse anytime you need to. The key word is SIMPLE with this cleanse! No fuss, just step by step nutritional guidance that produces healthy transformative results!

Perfect for you to do 5 days before your long awaited vacation, that wedding with family you haven’t seen in awhile or just because your body is craving a restart.

What you get for your 5 days of cleansing:
– easy to follow charts that allow you to build your own meals while staying within the approved guidelines to get the most out of your cleanse

– delicious recipes with complete shopping lists of ingredients

– food and exercise journaling to keep you aware and accountable

It’s as simple as that! The simple cleanse that gets you eating clean and becoming healthy and feeling whole.
I’m beyond excited to journey with you for 5 days to bring you from weighed down to that sweet spot where your body not only functions… but thrives!



The 5 Day Whenever Cleanse Includes:

How It Works:

– When you sign up (woohooo!), you will be given a username and password to a private Member webpage where you will be able to download all of your materials and get access to the exclusive program information.

– Your printable materials include easy-peasy meal building charts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Also included… Shopping lists, Cooking Tips, and all you need to know about living Simple Clean and Whole!

– Each day for 5 days, you will receive bite-sized daily emails from me with information, inspiration, accountability, and a challenge or prompt for the day.

– The best part? You won’t be going at it alone! We will all hang out on the private group Facebook page to connect, celebrate successes, get motivated, ask questions, and have fun!

When Do I Start?
This is a beautiful thing. You can start Whenever.

Who Is It For?
This all new 5-day cleanse is perfect for any time, any season. Whenever, hence the name. No matter what the season, life conditions can always change and can throw us off course – leaving us in need for a quick reboot.

Wanting to get back to the basics… I kept this program short, naturally sweet, and delicious. Because really, eating Simple Clean and Whole is just a reminder to keep things toned down, natural, truthful, real, and fulfilling.

“Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.” – Simone Weil

For those of you who loved my simple charts on Shift 21… The Whenever Cleanse is an addition for you to add to your Simple Clean and Whole toolbox with new meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, tips, inspiration and support.

Join me!