Most of us live in a place of comfort
that actually holds us back.

It is only when we are able to step out into and embrace discomfort (then learn from it and move through it) that we able to live at our highest potential.

Discomfort leads to transformation.

We all have maps we use to navigate life… and most lead us around discomfort instead of through it. The trouble is, those comfortable paths have destructive patterns, hard engrained habits, and self-sabotaging thoughts. It is up to us to recognize where we have chosen comfort at the expense of our spiritual, physical, and mental health.

It is your job to take the first step.

But it is my job – and true joy – to walk with you on that journey and point you down the path that leads to truth, authenticity, empowerment, and self-love.

Together, we will create a fresh map that replaces old thoughts with new truths and carves a new, whole-istic way of life that unleashes your best self: mind, body and spirit.

My clients not only drop weight, they also drop the thoughts and behaviors that had kept them stuck on a comfortable yet unhealthy old path. My clients gain nutritional and emotional wellness by way of gratitude, awareness, and self-love. And, they get the tools to sustain their transformation.

Friends and clients alike know me for being honest, for speaking truth, and for acting as real and vulnerable with them as they are with me.

I look forward to having that kind of relationship with you!

My journey has truly been my greatest gift towards whole health and wellness and I know that yours will be too.

Are you ready to take that first step into discomfort (that leads to whole happiness and total transformation – I promise!) with me?

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